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Opinion | You Should Meditate Every Day – By Farhad Manjoo – NYT- David Lindsay on Aikido

By Farhad Manjoo Opinion Columnist, usually Covers Tech, NYT “Because I live in Northern California, where this sort of thing is required by local ordinance, I spent New Year’s Day at a meditation center, surrounded by hundreds of wealthy, well-meaning, … Continue reading

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How to Be a More Patient Person – The New York Times

By Anna Goldfarb Nov. 5, 2018 My jaw clenches when Hulu videos buffer. I huff and puff when stuck in a sluggish line at a coffee shop. Slow cars in the fast lane send me into a curse-filled tizzy. I’m … Continue reading

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Opinion | Martina Navratilova: What Serena Got Wrong – The New York Times

“Serena Williams has part of it right. There is a huge double standard for women when it comes to how bad behavior is punished — and not just in tennis. But in her protests against an umpire during the United … Continue reading

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Serena Williams Spotlights Tennis Inequities, but in the Best Way? – By Juliet Macur – NYT

“Had I behaved like that on a tennis court, I would have expected to get everything that happened to Serena,” said Martina Navratilova, who won 18 Grand Slam singles titles and a record nine Wimbledon titles, and has been a … Continue reading

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Croatia Digs Deeper- Burying England’s World Cup Dreams – By RORY SMITH – NYT

MOSCOW — Their legs had stopped working long before the end. Their muscles ached, their lungs heaved, their bodies creaked and groaned. Croatia’s players had hit their limits and traveled beyond them, yet again; they had drained themselves of adrenaline; … Continue reading

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Review Finds ‘Tsunami’ of Fixed Matches in Lower Levels of Tennis – The New York Times

Professional tennis has created an environment ripe for corruption at the sport’s lowest levels and needs reform to combat the problem, an independent task force reported on Wednesday, after a two-year investigation. The review panel, made up of three prominent … Continue reading

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Caring for your Piano – from Steinway South Africa

AMBIENT CONDITIONS Wood and felt are highly sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. During the heating period a standard good-quality humidifier should be used to control and regulate humidity. The most favorable environment for your piano is a … Continue reading

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Where Were You When Oddvar Bra Broke His Pole? – The New York Times

This bizarre article will give you some insight into why Norway, which was 4 million people, now 5 million, has won more winter olympic medals than any other country in the world. “VANG, Norway — It seems an unlikely event … Continue reading

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David Lindsay’s Tennis handicap called Uncle Bob and Moral Hazard

David Lindsay’s Tennis handicap called Uncle Bob and Moral Hazard The Uncle Bob Handicap, is named after my Uncle Bob Foote, who placed tennis till he was 91. You must hit the ball so that the weaker player can reach … Continue reading

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Get Up- Stand Up! – by Gretchen Reynolds – NYT

“The scientists then found strong statistical correlations between sitting and mortality. The men and women who sat for the most hours every day, according to their accelerometer data, had the highest risk for early death, especially if this sitting often … Continue reading

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