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Notes on European Recovery (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“Here in the English-speaking world, most of us in the econo-pundit business have been focusing a lot on the US economy post-Trump, and secondarily on the British economy post-Brexit. But once in a while we ought to look further afield. … Continue reading

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What Happens When the Richest U.S. Cities Turn to the World? – by Emily Badger – NYT

This is the piece that was referred to by Paul Krugman in today’s NYT. By Emily Badger Dec. 22, 2017 “SAN FRANCISCO — Well before anyone thought of this place as the center of the tech economy, the Bay Area … Continue reading

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In French Labor Overhaul- Union Leader Offers a Way to a Compromise – The New York Times

“PARIS — As thousands of workers last summer protested changes to France’s labor laws, Laurent Berger, the head of one of the country’s most influential unions, got an unsettling call. Around 100 protesters had split from a rally and surrounded … Continue reading

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As France’s Towns Wither, Fears of a Decline in ‘Frenchness’ – The New York Times

“…….My last interview before leaving town was with Eric Lamarre. Last year, he closed Albi’s last toy store. “Twenty years ago, the center of town was still animated,” he said. “People really came to town to buy. There were loads … Continue reading

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Elephant Poo Paper !?

Originally posted on Elodie Travels:
Vijendra Shekhawat Struggling for Survival “I belong to a Rajput family from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, which is famous for its rich culture but where water scarcity is a great hindrance. Agriculture, industries and…

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What We’re Fighting For – The New York Times

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STRENGTH IN WHAT REMAINS – by Tracy Kidder – A First Pages Book Choice at Northeastern University

Originally posted on Inconvenient News
I have just finished listening to Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder, and read aloud by the author. What a magnificent story about the survival and rise of a young medical student…

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Irish Spring, by Tim Egan – The New York Times

“The ghost of African-American slavery was never far from the history-making of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And yet King never lost his skill to cast that institutional crime in the bigger picture, a forward-looking thrust. “The arc … Continue reading

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How ISIS Makes Radicals – David Brooks, The New York Times

“After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, some people’s minds flew to the materialistic element of the atrocity — the guns that were used in the killing. But the crucial issue, it seems to me, is what you might call … Continue reading

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Twenty years later, Bosnia is once again coming apart.|By Edward P. Joseph

When I recently visited my daughter in Sarajevo, I am embarrassed to say that I was surprised to learn that the Siege of Sarajevo, the shelling of the city by Serbian forces in the surrounding mountains, lasted four horrible years, … Continue reading

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