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In French Labor Overhaul- Union Leader Offers a Way to a Compromise – The New York Times

“PARIS — As thousands of workers last summer protested changes to France’s labor laws, Laurent Berger, the head of one of the country’s most influential unions, got an unsettling call. Around 100 protesters had split from a rally and surrounded … Continue reading

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Trump’s Incredible Shrinking America – by Charles Blow – NYT

“Last month in Europe, Trump was as boorish and belligerent as it was possible to be, lashing out at our NATO allies about their defense spending just after having been gracious and magnanimous to leaders in the Middle East.Then last … Continue reading

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‘Beautiful Military Equipment’ Can’t Buy Middle East Peace – By MOHAMMAD JAVAD ZARIF – NYT

“Tehran — As President Trump was being feted in the palaces of the Saudi royal family after concluding a historic arms deal, Iranians were celebrating the outcome of a hard-fought election. The vote manifested the determination of Iran’s electorate to … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Mideast Contradictions – The New York Times

“Given President Trump’s appetite for spectacle, Saudi Arabia could not have been a more fitting opening for his first overseas trip. The palaces, the fancy robes of King Salman and his court, the sword dance, even the creepy glowing orb … Continue reading

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Behind China’s $1 Trillion Plan to Shake Up the Economic Order – The New York Times

“VANG VIENG, Laos — Along the jungle-covered mountains of Laos, squads of Chinese engineers are drilling hundreds of tunnels and bridges to support a 260-mile railway, a $6 billion project that will eventually connect eight Asian countries. Chinese money is … Continue reading

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Where Is Rex Tillerson? Top Envoy Keeps Head Down and Travels Light – 2/15/17 NYT

“. . . The State Department did not invite the customary scrum of reporters, apparently hoping that Mr. Tillerson could continue to keep what has so far been a low profile.Mr. Tillerson relied on his acting deputy, Thomas A. Shannon … Continue reading

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Tillerson Leads From State Dept. Shadows as White House Steps In – 3/11/17 NYT

““If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition,” Mr. Mattis said at the time. As one diplomat who has met frequently with Mr. Tillerson since he took office noted recently, “Rex clearly agrees … Continue reading

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President Trump nixed Rex Tillerson’s pick for deputy secretary of state because he criticized him during the campaign –

“Loyalty to President Trump seems to be more important than loyalty to the country. And for Elliott Abrams, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s pick to be his second-in-command, Abrambs’ disloyalty was too much for him to bear.More specifically, Abrams was … Continue reading

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The State Department Deserves Better – The New York Times

“Many State Department officials believe that he has been inaccessible for far too long, cocooning himself with a small group of aides in a process that deprived him of hearing a broader range of views and policy options. Mr. Tillerson’s … Continue reading

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The North Korea-Trump Nightmare – Nicholas Kristof -NYT

“……………..North Korea will never, ever give up its nuclear weapons,” says Jieun Baek, author of a fascinating recent book, “North Korea’s Hidden Revolution.” Sanctions will squeeze the regime, she says, but not deter it. Instead, she urges greater measures to … Continue reading

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