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Mandela in the Movies: 10 Films About Apartheid |

“A few weeks ago, the first black President of the United States saw a movie about the first black President of South Africa. Aside from that White House screening for Barack Obama, only four theaters are currently showing Mandela: Long … Continue reading

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The Smothers Brothers: Laughing at Hard Truths – The New York Times

“Two weeks later, the “Comedy Hour” beat “Bonanza” in the ratings. After a few weeks more, the brothers who had seemed so nonthreatening became more daring, making political and topical references and booking musical acts with new, often anthemic songs … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures and Moonlight in same week – Movies to see.

Wow. Kathleen and I just saw Hidden Figures and Moonlight in the same week. Both excellent. On Hidden Figures, Washington Post Reviewer wrote: “So one of the most gratifying qualities of “Hidden Figures” is how it bursts onto the screen … Continue reading

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How the short story that inspired Arrival helps us interpret the film’s major twist – by Nick Statt – The Verge

“This post contains major plot spoilers about Arrival. “In one of the final scenes of Arrival, the new first-contact science fiction film with a focus on linguistics, Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) explains why she got divorced. “He said I … Continue reading

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For Confucius and His Descendants- a Cultural Comeback – by Amy Qin – The New York Times

  “XI’AN, China — Among the qualifications Kong Dexin had to direct and choreograph a flashy new dance-drama about the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, one in particular stood out.According to Ms. Kong, 34, she is a 77th-generation descendant of that … Continue reading

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