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Opinion | Hold a Second Brexit Referendum – By Roger Cohen – The New York Times

By Roger Cohen Opinion Columnist Jan. 15, 2019,   651 Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday. Credit Neil Hall/EPA, via Shutterstock “A democracy that cannot change its mind is not a democracy. The people may do that when presented … Continue reading

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Death by Hanging in Tehran – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“So Kavous Seyed Emami, an Iranian-Canadian university professor and environmentalist, “commits suicide” in Tehran’s Evin prison two weeks after his arrest. His wife Maryam, summoned last Friday, is shown his body hanging in a cell. He is buried four days … Continue reading

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Trump Is Right- This Time- About Iran – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“I have a New Year’s confession: I retweeted President Trump with approval, not something I had expected to do, especially on the subject of Iran. But Trump has been right to get behind the brave Iranian protesters calling for political … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s Weak and Wobbly Outfit – Roger Cohen – NYT

“An inept campaign saw May promising “strong and stable” government so often it became a joke. Britain, on the eve of a momentous negotiation that will define the lives of the youth who never wanted “Brexit,” now has the opposite: … Continue reading

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A Case for Jeremy Corbyn – by Roger Cohen – NYT

For a long time I could not bring myself to write about the British election. Trump-coddling, self-important, flip-flopping Theresa May, ensconced at 10 Downing Street without ever being elected prime minister, was going to sweep to her hard-Brexit victory and … Continue reading

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A New Yalta and the Revival of Europe – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“. . . . Merkel is the favorite to win the German election in September. A Macron-Merkel duo could be formidable. They will have to deliver in several areas if Europe is to seize this moment. The first is security: … Continue reading

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Trump’s Gifts to China – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“China has leverage over Kim, but its “strategic patience” with him is infinite. Its priority is the survival of the totalitarian regime as a buffer. The dictator is China’s insurance against a nuclear-armed united Korea at its doorstep. Millions of … Continue reading

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The Offender of the Free World – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“When Donald Trump met Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany earlier this month, he put on one of his most truculent and ignorant performances. He wanted money — piles of it — for Germany’s defense, raged about the financial killing China … Continue reading

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The Queen for a Free Trade Deal – Roger Cohen – NYT

“SUNDERLAND, England — From this northeastern town that has lost its shipyard, its coal industry and its glass manufacturers in recent decades emerged the first signal that Britain was to change course. After the Sunderland Brexit vote came in — … Continue reading

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The Closing of Trump’s America – by Roger Cohen – The New York Times

“Donald Trump is an ahistorical man. He knows nothing of European history and cares less, as his cavalier trashing of the alliance and union that ushered the Continent from its darkest hours demonstrates. He knows little enough of American history … Continue reading

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