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Opinion | Earth, Wind and Liars – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“. . . . .  In the long run, these tactics probably won’t stop the transition to renewable energy, and even the villains of this story probably realize that. Their goal is, instead, to slow things down, so they can … Continue reading

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Opinion | Trade Wars- Stranded Assets- and the Stock Market (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

As I write this, China’s announcement of a new round of tit-for-tat tariffs has stoked fears of trade war and sent stock futures plunging. If this morning’s futures hold, the S&P 500 will be about 10.5 percent off its January … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman Explains Trade and Tariffs – NYT

Paul Krugman took questions from readers about trade after President Trump’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Here are his answers to some of the hundreds of questions he received. — By the Editors 1. Literally every small … Continue reading

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Springtime for Sycophants – by Paul Krugman – NYT

When Donald Trump came to office, many feared that he would break up our close economic relations with Mexico and/or start a trade war with China. So far, neither has happened. It’s true that our free trade agreement with Mexico … Continue reading

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A Ranting Old Guy With Nukes – by Paul Krugman – NYT

Imagine that you’re listening to some garrulous old guy in a diner, telling you what’s wrong with the world — which mainly involves how we’re being victimized and taken advantage of by foreigners. You hear him out; after all, there … Continue reading

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Notes on European Recovery (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“Here in the English-speaking world, most of us in the econo-pundit business have been focusing a lot on the US economy post-Trump, and secondarily on the British economy post-Brexit. But once in a while we ought to look further afield. … Continue reading

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Bubble- Bubble- Fraud and Trouble – Bitcoin – by Paul Krugman – NYT

The other day my barber asked me whether he should put all his money in Bitcoin. And the truth is that if he’d bought Bitcoin, say, a year ago he’d be feeling pretty good right now. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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The Gambler’s Ruin of Small Cities (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

Terrific column. It ends: “Notice, by the way, that globalization and all that isn’t central to this story. If I’m right, the conditions for small-city decline and fall have been building for a very long time, and we’d be seeing … Continue reading

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Dreamers- Liars and Bad Economics – by Paul Krugman

Originally posted on Inconvenient News
“But in any case, adding “and besides, they’re stealing our jobs” undercuts the whole pretense. Furthermore, the claim was, as I said, junk economics. The idea that there are a fixed number of…

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Publicity Stunts Aren’t Policy – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“In other words, showy actions that win a news cycle or two are no substitute for actual, coherent policies. Indeed, their main lasting effect can be to squander a government’s credibility. Which brings us to last week’s missile strike on … Continue reading

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