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Mini-Donald’s Major Fail – by Frank Bruni – NYT

“Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sometimes the apple is also considerably dimmer than the tree. And sometimes the apple must be thrown under the bus so that the tree and a few of its most crucial … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Military Preening – by Frank Bruni – NYT

“Why do I get the sense that fighter jets are Donald Trump’s biceps, warships are his pectorals and what he’s doing with his proposed $54 billion increase for the Pentagon is flexing? Maybe because that’s a strongman’s way. Maybe because … Continue reading

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Frank Bruni belittles Hillary Clinton, David Lindsay builds her up.

David Lindsay has changed the name of his second blog from to Please go to the new blog on World Affairs and American Foreign Policy and resubscribe. All three of you. For the post below by Frank Bruni, … Continue reading

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La Dolce Donald Trump – Frank Bruni, The New York Times

“IN Rome about a dozen years ago, I had a long dinner with Donald Trump. Only his name was Silvio Berlusconi. Aren’t they essentially the same man? The same myth? They have the same obsession with their wealth. Same need … Continue reading

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The Wasted Gift of Donald Trump – Frank Bruni, The New York Times

I have been thinking recently about the candidates for President of the United States as Hillary and the Dirty Dozen. Frank Bruni seems to summarize the Republicans as spineless scaredy cats. He ends column on Donald Trump: “They’re wrong to … Continue reading

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