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Opinion | Talk Tough, and Weaken America – by David Leonhardt – NYT

There is a theme to President Trump’s foreign policy: Talk tough, and weaken America’s global standing. It’s virtually the opposite of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous line, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” In Asia, for example, Trump’s withdrawal from a … Continue reading

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Big Sugar Versus Your Body – by David Leonhardt – NYT

The sugar industry and its various offshoots, like the soda industry, have spent years trying to trick you. Big Sugar has paid researchers to conduct misleading — if not false — studies about the health effects of added sweeteners. It … Continue reading

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‘There Is No Ice’ – by David Leonhardt – NYT

“There is no ice where there is almost always ice,” The Washington Post’s weather experts tweeted yesterday, referring to an area north of Greenland. Lars Kaleschke, a German physicist, explained: “There is open water north of Greenland where the thickest … Continue reading

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The Truth About the Florida School Shooting – by David Leonhardt – NYT

It’s hard to imagine a worse distinction for a country to hold. A recent study in the journal Health Affairs concluded that the United States has become “the most dangerous of wealthy nations for a child to be born into.” … Continue reading

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