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David Lindsay merges this blog into, which he has rebranded as

David Lindsay merges this blog into, which he has rebranded as He will no longer post at this blog. It will remain for a while as a resource and back up. He has also imported all the posts … Continue reading

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Trump Administration Could Blacklist China’s Hikvision, a Surveillance Firm – The New York Times

By Ana Swanson and Edward Wong May 21, 2019 208 阅读简体中文版閱讀繁體中文版 “WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is considering limits to a Chinese video surveillance giant’s ability to buy American technology, people familiar with the matter said, the latest attempt to counter Beijing’s global … Continue reading

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Opinion | How Trump Helps MS-13 – by Bret Stephens – The New York Times

“. . . There are better options. Bill Clinton and then George W. Bush invested some $10 billion in counterinsurgency and counternarcotics efforts to rescue Colombia from the grip of jungle guerrillas and drug lords. The plan was expensive, took … Continue reading

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Opinion | The Difference Between Happiness and Joy – By David Brooks – The New York Times

By David Brooks Opinion Columnist May 7, 2019 240 An Arizona State University student prepared for graduation on Monday.CreditDeanna Dent/Arizona State University “On Monday I was honored to speak to the graduating students at Arizona State University. It was an intimidating … Continue reading

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Our Planet review – Attenborough’s first act as an eco-warrior | Television & radio | The Guardian

David Lindsay:  This March and April. Kathleen Schomaker and I performed our new Folk Concert: Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction, in three different house concerts, to share our work and get feedback.    Our efforts at educating neighbors and … Continue reading

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Opinion | Imprisoned for Trying to Save His Son – By Nicholas Kristof – The New York Times

By Nicholas Kristof Opinion Columnist May 4, 2019 235 Prisoners in a gymnasium that has been converted to house inmates, at California Institution for Men in Chino, in 2011.CreditAnn Johansson/Corbis, via Getty Images “America’s biggest mistake over the last half-century arguably … Continue reading

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Opinion | Has Our Luck Run Out? – By Thomas L. Friedman – The New York Times

By Thomas L. Friedman Opinion Columnist April 30, 2019 578 President Trump approaches global problems through “transactional muscular unilateralism,’’ according to the author William J. Burns. CreditSarah Silbiger/The New York Times “The year 2019 will be remembered for a lot of things, … Continue reading

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Asylum Seekers Face New Restraints Under Latest Trump Orders – By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Caitlin Dickerson – The New York Times

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Caitlin Dickerson April 29, 2019 202 “WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday ordered new restrictions on asylum seekers at the Mexican border — including application fees and work permit restraints — and directed that cases in the already clogged … Continue reading

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Opinion | The U.S. Military: Like the French at Agincourt? – By Bret Stephens – The New York Times

By Bret Stephens Opinion Columnist April 25, 2019 575 United States Navy carrier strike groups on Wednesday in the Mediterranean Sea.CreditU.S. Navy/U.S. Navy, via Getty Images “Early on a Sunday morning in 1932, a fleet of some 150 fighters, dive-bombers and … Continue reading

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Opinion | The Great Republican Abdication – By Paul Krugman – The New York Times

By Paul Krugman Opinion Columnist April 22, 2019 896 Mitch McConnell hanging on President Trump’s every word.CreditBrendan Smialowski/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images “So all the “fake news” was true. A hostile foreign power intervened in the presidential election, hoping to install … Continue reading

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