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Opinion | What Happens When Our Leaders Lack Moral Courage – By Wesley K. Clark – The New York Times

Power is acting for good — and knowing when you should. By Wesley K. Clark Mr. Clark is a former NATO supreme allied commander. May 23, 2019 45 The White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.CreditMaddie McGarvey for The New York … Continue reading

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Opinion | President Trump- Come to Willmar – by Thomas Friedman – The New York Times

“. . .  That’s not what I’ve found. America is actually a checkerboard of towns and cities — some rising from the bottom up and others collapsing from the top down, ravaged by opioids, high unemployment among less-educated white males … Continue reading

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Opinion | The Difference Between Happiness and Joy – By David Brooks – The New York Times

By David Brooks Opinion Columnist May 7, 2019 240 An Arizona State University student prepared for graduation on Monday.CreditDeanna Dent/Arizona State University “On Monday I was honored to speak to the graduating students at Arizona State University. It was an intimidating … Continue reading

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U.N.C. Charlotte Student Couldn’t Run So He Tackled the Gunman – The New York Times

By David Perlmutt and Julie Turkewitz May 1, 2019 462 “CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In an alert that flashed across computer and phone screens all over campus, the instructions were spare but urgent: “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.” But Riley Howell could neither … Continue reading

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Opinion | Reverend- You Say the Virgin Birth Is ‘a Bizarre Claim’? – By Nicholas Kristof – The New York Times

By Nicholas Kristof Opinion Columnist April 20, 2019 781 This is the latest in my occasional series of conversations about Christianity. Here’s my interview, edited for space, with Serene Jones, a Protestant minister, president of Union Theological Seminary and author of a new memoir, “Call … Continue reading

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Opinion | From the Ashes of Notre-Dame – The New York Times

David Lindsay: I read Ross Douthat for the same reason I floss, to practice fighting plaque. I love the power of his prose, and can get mesmerized by it. Here is a commenter, that explains my beef with many Christians. … Continue reading

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My Halloween email led to a campus firestorm — and a troubling lesson about self-censorship – By Erika Christakis – Washington Post

     October 28, 2016 Erika Christakis is an early-childhood educator and the By Erika Christakisauthor of “The Importance of Being Little.” The right to speak freely may be enshrined in some of our nation’s great universities, but the culture … Continue reading

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Opinion | A ‘Disgusting’ Yale Professor Moves On – By Frank Bruni – The New York Times

David Lindsay: I am a graduate of Yale College, and this story is embarrassing, especially what happend to the spouse. By Frank Bruni Opinion Columnist March 19, 2019 1163 “The bright side has been denied the attention it deserves,” writes … Continue reading

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Becoming Greta: ‘Invisible Girl’ to Global Climate Activist With Bumps Along the Way – By Somini Sengupta – The New York Times

By Somini Sengupta Feb. 18, 2019,  159 c STOCKHOLM — It’s complicated being Greta. Small, shy, survivor of crippling depression, Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl skipping school to shame the world into addressing climate change, drew a parade of … Continue reading

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Editorial | Grown-Ups Get a Scolding on Climate – The New York Times

Inspired by a Swedish teenager, students around the world on Friday will protest political inaction. By The Editorial Board The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and … Continue reading

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