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A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta and Security Experts Shudder – The New York Times

ATLANTA — The City of Atlanta’s 8,000 employees got the word on Tuesday that they had been waiting for: It was O.K. to turn their computers on. But as the city government’s desktops, hard drives and printers flickered back to … Continue reading

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The One Thing That Protects a Laptop After It’s Been Stolen – The New York Times

When your laptop is lost or stolen, you aren’t just out $800 (or more). Your personal information is also accessible to whoever takes it, even if you have a password. “Unfortunately, a typical password-protected user account does nothing to protect … Continue reading

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Why Your Next Wi-Fi Setup Should Be a Mesh Network – By BRIAN X. CHEN – NYT

The next time you upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment, take a bold step: Throw out your stand-alone router and instead consider investing in a so-called mesh system. A mesh network could solve most, if not all, of your Wi-Fi problems. It’s … Continue reading

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The Shocking Reason Why You Need to Stop Charging Your Phone Overnight | TLC

‘Most nights, the last thing I do before I close my eyes and drift off to dreamland is scroll through my phone and charge it by my bedside overnight. If you are like me, your phone battery won’t last the … Continue reading

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The Case Against Google – By CHARLES DUHIGG – NYT

Soon the Raffs began daydreaming about turning their idea into a moneymaker. They didn’t have the funds to compete with huge dating sites like, so they applied for a couple of patents and began brainstorming. They believed that their … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Backing Up Photos – The New York Times

One of the most effective ways to back up photos on smartphones is by using one of several well-known cloud services, such as Apple iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon’s Prime Photos, and Dropbox. One reason you should use them is that … Continue reading

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Washington Has Delivered a Tangled Message on AT&T’s Power – by David Gelles – NYT

“On Monday, the Department of Justice sued to block AT&T’s proposed $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner, a deal that would unite one of the country’s biggest internet providers with the company that owns CNN, HBO and the Warner Bros. … Continue reading

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The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More. – The New York Times

“When North Korean hackers tried to steal $1 billion from the New York Federal Reserve last year, only a spelling error stopped them. They were digitally looting an account of the Bangladesh Central Bank, when bankers grew suspicious about a … Continue reading

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It Distracted Us. It Gave Us Uber. It Made Selfies a Thing. – by Farhad Manjoo – NYT

“The first iPhone was released 10 years ago and swiftly turned the smartphone from a curiosity into our constant companion. It was not the first smartphone, but it has been responsible for cementing an always-connected way of life.” Manjoo wrote, … Continue reading

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No, Google’s Not a Bird: Bringing the Internet to Rural India – by Ellen Barry – NYT

“TARADAND, India — Babulal Singh Neti was sitting with his uncle on a recent afternoon, trying to persuade him of the merits of the internet.It was 105 degrees outside, and the sun was beating down on the frazzled croplands. His … Continue reading

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