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Opinion | How to Stop the March to War With Iran – By Wendy R. Sherman- The New York Times

By Wendy R. Sherman Ms. Sherman is the former under secretary of state for political affairs. May 15, 2019 The USS Abraham Lincoln, an aircraft carrier, has been deployed to the Persian Gulf in response to unspecified threats from Iran.CreditU.S. Navy, … Continue reading

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NYT Video: The Militia That’s Threatening American Troops in Syria is backed by Iran

Video There are roughly 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria. Recently, a statement went out calling for direct attacks against them. Who sent it, and why?By DAVID BOTTI and CHRISTIAAN TRIEBERT

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Opinion | Trump’s Dream Come True: Trashing Obama and Iran in One Move – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

My wife is building a language museum in Washington (I’m its vice chairman), so people often send her funny examples of word play, including a list of mixed-up idioms from Among my favorites: “Don’t judge a book before it’s … Continue reading

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Europe- Again Humiliated by Trump- Struggles to Defend Its Interests – By Steven Erlanger – NYT

May 9, 2018 “BRUSSELS — It is by now a familiar, humiliating pattern. European leaders cajole, argue and beg, trying to persuade President Trump to change his mind on a vital issue for the trans-Atlantic alliance. Mr. Trump appears to … Continue reading

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Opinion | Talk Tough, and Weaken America – by David Leonhardt – NYT

There is a theme to President Trump’s foreign policy: Talk tough, and weaken America’s global standing. It’s virtually the opposite of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous line, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” In Asia, for example, Trump’s withdrawal from a … Continue reading

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Opinion | Europe’s Plea to Congress: Keep the Iran Pact – By Delphine O- Omid Nouripour and Richard Bacon

By Delphine O, Omid Nouripour and Richard Bacon “The most important and promising step taken toward nonproliferation in the past 20 years — the one with the most impact — is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. A … Continue reading

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Iran Finally Let Her See Her Husband. He Was Dead. – The New York Times

“TEHRAN — When the call finally came, Maryam Seyed Emami’s heart leapt. Except for one brief phone call, she had heard nothing from her husband, Kavous Seyed Emami, a professor and prominent environmentalist, since he was arrested and accused of … Continue reading

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Death by Hanging in Tehran – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“So Kavous Seyed Emami, an Iranian-Canadian university professor and environmentalist, “commits suicide” in Tehran’s Evin prison two weeks after his arrest. His wife Maryam, summoned last Friday, is shown his body hanging in a cell. He is buried four days … Continue reading

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The Tweet Trump Could Never Send Tehran – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“After violent protests recently exploded across Iran, President Trump vowed to differentiate himself from President Barack Obama by openly tweeting his support for the demonstrators. It had no effect, though. One reason is that Trump could never send the really … Continue reading

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Warming- Water Crisis- Then Unrest: How Iran Fits an Alarming Pattern – By Somini Sengupta – NYT

UNITED NATIONS — Nigeria. Syria. Somalia. And now Iran. In each country, in different ways, a water crisis has triggered some combination of civil unrest, mass migration, insurgency or even full-scale war. Protestors in Tehran on Jan. 5. “Water is … Continue reading

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