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Warming- Water Crisis- Then Unrest: How Iran Fits an Alarming Pattern – NYT

UNITED NATIONS — Nigeria. Syria. Somalia. And now Iran. In each country, in different ways, a water crisis has triggered some combination of civil unrest, mass migration, insurgency or even full-scale war. Protestors in Tehran on Jan. 5. “Water is … Continue reading

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Iranian and Saudi Youth Try to Bury 1979 – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“The biggest question about the recent protests in Iran — combined with the recent lifting of religious restrictions in Saudi Arabia — is whether together they mark the beginning of the end of the hard-right puritanical turn that the Muslim … Continue reading

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Trump Is Right- This Time- About Iran – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“I have a New Year’s confession: I retweeted President Trump with approval, not something I had expected to do, especially on the subject of Iran. But Trump has been right to get behind the brave Iranian protesters calling for political … Continue reading

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Trump- Israel and the Art of the Giveaway – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

  I’m contemplating writing a book on the first year of President Trump’s foreign policy, and I already know the name: “The Art of the Giveaway.” In nearly 30 years of covering United States foreign policy, I’ve never seen a … Continue reading

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Steve Bannon Is Bad for the Jews – by Brett Stephens

“The Zionist Organization of America feted Stephen K. Bannon at a gala dinner in New York on Sunday night. What a disgrace. What a mistake, too. It’s a disgrace because no organization that purports to represent the interests of the … Continue reading

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The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See – by Nicholas Kristof – NYT

“Let’s be blunt: With U.S. and U.K.complicity, the Saudi governmentis committing war crimes in Yemen.“The country is on the brink of famine, with over 60 percent of the population not knowing where their next meal will come from,” the leaders … Continue reading

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Many Shades of the U.S. at War – The New York Times

“I’m just back from visiting all of our key air bases in Iraq, Afghanistan and along the Persian Gulf, and I find myself wrestling with two stark contrasts: the contrast between what is happening there in the air and what … Continue reading

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From Kabul to Baghdad- My Bird’s-Eye – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“Since I can’t explain Trump’s Middle East, let me explain what I saw here — three things in particular: I saw a new way of mounting warfare by the United States in Iraq. I saw in this new warfare a … Continue reading

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Charlottesville- ISIS and Us – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“AL UDEID, Qatar — I’ve been on the road since the Charlottesville killing. I am traveling around the Arab world and Afghanistan with the chief of the U.S. Air Force, Gen. David Goldfein; his civilian boss, the Air Force secretary, … Continue reading

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Before You Rip Up That Iran Deal … – The New York Times

This is a good editorial, which ends:  “Iran is too big to be ignored. And if Washington pursues regime change, as some officials seem to favor, the risks will be huge. This is a crucial moment for Iran as revolutionary … Continue reading

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