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The Iran Puzzle – The New York Times

“The fear is that Mr. Trump’s demonizing of Iran, and his unwillingness to engage its government, could result in a broadening of the American military mission from defeating ISIS to preventing Iranian influence from expanding. This would be dangerous. Iran … Continue reading

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The Headless Superpower – by Ross Douthat _ NYT

“IF the United States imperium in all its might did not exist, if the Washington, D.C., of Donald Trump and James Comey were just the Sicilian-style backwater that it currently resembles, then no one looking at recent events would doubt … Continue reading

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Why Qatar Is in the Naughty Corner – The New York Times

“Despite the convenience of this narrative, there are other forces at play. In reality, Qatar has been ostracized by its “brotherly” neighbors, as the language of regional diplomacy has it, for not kowtowing to the collective vision for the Middle … Continue reading

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Six Days and 50 Years of War – by Brett Stevens – NYT

“In June 1967 Arab leaders declared their intention to annihilate the Jewish state, and the Jews decided they wouldn’t sit still for it. For the crime of self-preservation, Israel remains a nation unforgiven.Unforgiven, Israel’s milder critics say, because the Six-Day … Continue reading

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‘Beautiful Military Equipment’ Can’t Buy Middle East Peace – By MOHAMMAD JAVAD ZARIF – NYT

“Tehran — As President Trump was being feted in the palaces of the Saudi royal family after concluding a historic arms deal, Iranians were celebrating the outcome of a hard-fought election. The vote manifested the determination of Iran’s electorate to … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Mideast Contradictions – The New York Times

“Given President Trump’s appetite for spectacle, Saudi Arabia could not have been a more fitting opening for his first overseas trip. The palaces, the fancy robes of King Salman and his court, the sword dance, even the creepy glowing orb … Continue reading

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A Trump Doctrine for the Middle East? – by Michael Doran

” . . . The Middle East is complex, but Mr. Trump’s predecessors stumbled for a singular reason: the rise of Iran. As a senior official in the George W. Bush administration, I saw firsthand how President Bush’s democracy project … Continue reading

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Why Is Trump Fighting ISIS in Syria? – By Thomas Friedman – NYT

“Let’s go through the logic: There are actually two ISIS manifestations.One is “virtual ISIS.” It is satanic, cruel and amorphous; it disseminates its ideology through the internet. It has adherents across Europe and the Muslim world. In my opinion, that … Continue reading

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Publicity Stunts Aren’t Policy – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“In other words, showy actions that win a news cycle or two are no substitute for actual, coherent policies. Indeed, their main lasting effect can be to squander a government’s credibility. Which brings us to last week’s missile strike on … Continue reading

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After the Missiles, We Need Smart Diplomacy on Syria – by Anthony Blinken – NYT

“President Donald J. Trump was right to strike at the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for using a weapon of mass destruction, the nerve agent sarin, against its own people. Mr. Trump may not want to be “president of … Continue reading

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