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Opinion | Macron Puts Germany on Trial – By Sylvie Kauffmann – The New York Times

By Sylvie Kauffmann Ms. Kauffmann is the editorial director of Le Monde. May 7, 2019 Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France last month in Berlin, where he criticized German policies in unusually blunt terms.CreditAbdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency, … Continue reading

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Overlooked No More: Mabel Grammer- Whose Brown Baby Plan Found Homes for Hundreds – The New York Times

By Alexis Clark “They were called “brown babies,” or “mischlingskinder,” a derogatory German term for mixed-race children. And sometimes they were just referred to as mutts. They were born during the occupation years in Germany after World War II, the … Continue reading

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Opinion | Is Merkel to Blame for Brexit? – by Jochen Bittner – NYT

For those of us who still want to see a vibrant, unified Europe, our best hope for the moment is the faint chance for a second referendum on Brexit. If Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan on how to leave does … Continue reading

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The East Germans of the 21st Century – by David Brooks – NYT

Every few years I try to write a column staking out a reasonable middle ground on immigration. After all, most big, important issues are clashes in which both sides have a piece of the truth. The case for restricting immigration … Continue reading

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Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism – by Anna Sauerbrey – The New York Times

“When asked during a news conference on Monday afternoon why he dropped out of the talks, Mr. Lindner listed areas where the negotiations didn’t yield the results his party wanted. The other parties would agree only to a gradual elimination … Continue reading

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Germany’s Far Right Complicates Life for Merkel and the E.U. – by Steven Erlanger – NYT

“BERLIN — Angela Merkel’s re-election as chancellor of Germany was supposed to be the ceremonial capstone of a year in which Europe did better than anticipated in holding off a populist surge, especially after the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel’s Anti-Ideology – The New York Times

  “BERLIN — She’s running again. Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that she will once again lead her party, the center-right Christian Democrats, in Germany’s national election next September. If the party wins, she will capture a fourth term, running … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness, by Daniel Kehlmann – The New York Times

” “It’s weird,” my friend said that evening at the new Chinese place in Kreuzberg. “I completely disagree with Angela Merkel’s policy. And the more she pursues it, the more I respect her.” ” Source: Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness – … Continue reading

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An Unreliable Germany and the Volkswagen Debacle – Roger Cohen,The New York Times

“Germany’s leading company has toyed with the air people breathe. That’s shocking. In historical context, it’s devastating.The Volkswagen scandal elicits more than dismay. It is one of those moments when the entire culture of a nation — in this case … Continue reading

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