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Macron- Confronting Yellow Vest Protests in France- Promises Relief – The New York Times

By Alissa J. Rubin Dec. 10, 2018 313 PARIS — Faced with violent protests and calls for his resignation, President Emmanuel Macron of France said Monday that he had heard the anger of the many whose economic suffering has burst … Continue reading

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Opinion | Macron’s Moment of Truth – By Sylvie Kauffmann – The New York Times

By Sylvie Kauffmann Ms. Kauffmann is the editorial director of Le Monde. Dec. 6, 2018 225 Image President Emmanuel Macron, center, inspecting the damage from protests over a planned fuel tax increase in Paris this month.CreditCreditEtienne Laurent/EPA, via Shutterstock “PARIS … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Macron’s Unwanted New Title: ‘President of the Rich’ – By Adam Nossiter – NYT

By Adam Nossiter Nov. 1, 2017 34 “PARIS — From the all-powerful president with the infallible touch, Emmanuel Macron has become the “president of the rich,” an elitist dispensing fiscal goodies to the wealthy. At least that is what parliamentarians, … Continue reading

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Opinion | France’s New Protest Movement Is Tailor Made for the Macron Era – By Agnès C. Poirier – The New York Times

By Agnès C. Poirier Ms. Poirier is a writer and political commentator. Nov. 28, 2018 A member of the Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vests movement, at a protest against rising fuel taxes, on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on Saturday. Credit … Continue reading

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As Slums Teeter in Marseille- a Poverty Crisis Turns Deadly – By Adam Nossiter – The New York Times

By Adam Nossiter Nov. 19, 2018,     9 comments “MARSEILLE, France — The red-helmeted marine firefighter was firm. “Right,” he told the anxious families gathered around him, “we’re closing up the building.” Bewildered and frightened, they climbed the darkened, rickety … Continue reading

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The Movie Dunkirk is gripping- excellent- homework. by David Lindsay

Kathleen Schomaker and I went to see the movie Dunkirk, because after some research I discovered that it got a score of 94 at, and got some rave reviews, and it was not criticized for tampering with the history. It … Continue reading

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Macron’s Shaky Embrace of de Gaulle – by Robert Zaretski – NYT

“General de Villiers told the French media that Mr. Macron had promised he would fulfill his campaign pledge to increase military spending to 2 percent of G.D.P. from around 1.78 percent. And Mr. Macron has seemed sympathetic, making several visits … Continue reading

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Mr. Macron Starts Making Waves – The New York Times

“Surprisingly, for France, the first of what promises to be a tough series of domestic confrontations was with the military, which is traditionally quiet in public. Facing budget cuts equivalent to nearly $1 billion, the top general of the French … Continue reading

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In French Labor Overhaul- Union Leader Offers a Way to a Compromise – The New York Times

“PARIS — As thousands of workers last summer protested changes to France’s labor laws, Laurent Berger, the head of one of the country’s most influential unions, got an unsettling call. Around 100 protesters had split from a rally and surrounded … Continue reading

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A New Yalta and the Revival of Europe – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“. . . . Merkel is the favorite to win the German election in September. A Macron-Merkel duo could be formidable. They will have to deliver in several areas if Europe is to seize this moment. The first is security: … Continue reading

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