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Notes on European Recovery (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“Here in the English-speaking world, most of us in the econo-pundit business have been focusing a lot on the US economy post-Trump, and secondarily on the British economy post-Brexit. But once in a while we ought to look further afield. … Continue reading

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Living Abroad Taught Me to Love America – Janine di Giovanni – NYT

“In France, only the very bright can enter programs to prepare them for the graduate schools that act as iron gateways to the elite. In America, we draw our political and economic leadership from everywhere. Yes, there are loans. But … Continue reading

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Where Were You When Oddvar Bra Broke His Pole? – The New York Times

This bizarre article will give you some insight into why Norway, which was 4 million people, now 5 million, has won more winter olympic medals than any other country in the world. “VANG, Norway — It seems an unlikely event … Continue reading

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The East Germans of the 21st Century – by David Brooks – NYT

Every few years I try to write a column staking out a reasonable middle ground on immigration. After all, most big, important issues are clashes in which both sides have a piece of the truth. The case for restricting immigration … Continue reading

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Europe Is Back. And Rejecting Trumpism. – The New York Times

“DAVOS, Switzerland — French President Emmanuel Macron laid claim to the mantle of leader of the free world on Wednesday, with an ambitious speech before a packed assembly at the World Economic Forum. He sought to place France at the … Continue reading

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Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism – by Anna Sauerbrey – The New York Times

“When asked during a news conference on Monday afternoon why he dropped out of the talks, Mr. Lindner listed areas where the negotiations didn’t yield the results his party wanted. The other parties would agree only to a gradual elimination … Continue reading

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Signs of Russian Meddling in Brexit Referendum – The New York Times

“LONDON — More than 150,000 Russian-language Twitter accounts posted tens of thousands of messages in English urging Britain to leave the European Union in the days before last year’s referendum on the issue, a team of researchers disclosed on Wednesday. … Continue reading

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How Climate Change Is Playing Havoc With Olive Oil (and Farmers) – The New York Times

“. . Olive trees are hardy survivors. In the Bible, a dove brings an olive leaf to Noah on the ark, a sign that the world is not entirely destroyed. Olive oil is central to food and folklore across the … Continue reading

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‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown – by Janet Maslin – NYT book review

“But it takes more than geography to keep a Brown escapade spinning. The formula also calls for sinister cultism of some sort, and in this case the dark scheming involves overpopulation. One character, Zobrist, is a wealthy Malthusian with a … Continue reading

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Germany’s Far Right Complicates Life for Merkel and the E.U. – by Steven Erlanger – NYT

“BERLIN — Angela Merkel’s re-election as chancellor of Germany was supposed to be the ceremonial capstone of a year in which Europe did better than anticipated in holding off a populist surge, especially after the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, … Continue reading

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