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Opinion | Europe’s Plea to Congress: Keep the Iran Pact – By Delphine O- Omid Nouripour and Richard Bacon

By Delphine O, Omid Nouripour and Richard Bacon “The most important and promising step taken toward nonproliferation in the past 20 years — the one with the most impact — is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. A … Continue reading

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Opinion | How to Serve a Deranged Tyrant-Stoically – by Ryan Holiday – NYT

“In the ancient world, as is true today, navigating political chaos was a pressing dilemma. Philosophers were forced to decide whether to participate in, resist or simply endure the political rulers of their time. Socrates, the incorrigible free spirit, was … Continue reading

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Greece’s Island of Despair – The New York Times

His brown eyes sunken and flat, Jahangir Baroch had spent another sleepless night in the metal container on the Greek island of Lesbos where he has lived for more than a year. “There was no electricity in the container last … Continue reading

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The Chaos After Trump – by David Brooks – NYT

First, the erasure of the informal norms of behavior. As Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt argue in “How Democracies Die,” democracies depend not just on formal constitutions but also on informal codes. You treat your opponents like legitimate adversaries, not … Continue reading

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Italy’s Five-Star Electoral Performance – by Roger Cohen – NYT

The tide that ushered the Five Star Movement, a web-based party representing a ragtag band of disaffected voters, and the anti-immigrant League to victory has been rising for some time. Italy took some 64 percent of the 186,000 migrants who … Continue reading

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The Mystery Man Who Runs Italy’s ‘Five Star’ From the Shadows – The New York Times

Italian authorities have raised concerns about who has access to the voting records and identities of individual members, and party dissidents have raised suspicion that votes over his platform are being manipulated, something that Mr. Casaleggio and his party deny. … Continue reading

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In Italy Election- Anti-E.U. Views Pay Off for Far Right and Populists – The New York Times

“The Five Star Movement appealed to voters on both the left and the right, especially in the country’s poorer southern regions. Young voters flocked to their throw-out-the-bums message. Five Star’s ability to elide hard positions on controversial issues such as … Continue reading

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Notes on European Recovery (Wonkish) – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“Here in the English-speaking world, most of us in the econo-pundit business have been focusing a lot on the US economy post-Trump, and secondarily on the British economy post-Brexit. But once in a while we ought to look further afield. … Continue reading

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Living Abroad Taught Me to Love America – Janine di Giovanni – NYT

“In France, only the very bright can enter programs to prepare them for the graduate schools that act as iron gateways to the elite. In America, we draw our political and economic leadership from everywhere. Yes, there are loans. But … Continue reading

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Where Were You When Oddvar Bra Broke His Pole? – The New York Times

This bizarre article will give you some insight into why Norway, which was 4 million people, now 5 million, has won more winter olympic medals than any other country in the world. “VANG, Norway — It seems an unlikely event … Continue reading

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