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Opinion | Time to Panic – By David Wallace-Wells – The New York Times

By David Wallace-Wells Mr. Wallace-Wells is the author of the forthcoming “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming.” Feb. 16, 2019,  1034 c The age of climate panic is here. Last summer, a heat wave baked the entire Northern Hemisphere, killing … Continue reading

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Opinion | We Need a High Wall With a Big Gate – by Thomas Friedman – The New York Times

There are now more climate refugees, economic migrants searching for work and political refugees just searching for order than at any point since World War II, nearly 70 million people according to the International Rescue Committee, and 135 million more … Continue reading

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Germany’s Europe-Shaking Political Crisis Over Migrants Explained – The New York Times

By Max Fisher and Katrin Bennhold July 3, 2018 88 The near political breakdown in Germany marks the beginning of the end for the European experiment, for an era of openness toward refugees and migrants in the West, and for … Continue reading

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Opinion | A Warming World Creates Desperate People – By Lauren Markham – NYT

Last year I traveled to southern Guatemala, the source of one of the largest migrations of unauthorized immigrants to the United States in recent years. It’s clear why people are leaving: Guatemala is a country rife with political conflict, endemic … Continue reading

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Warming- Water Crisis- Then Unrest: How Iran Fits an Alarming Pattern – By Somini Sengupta – NYT

UNITED NATIONS — Nigeria. Syria. Somalia. And now Iran. In each country, in different ways, a water crisis has triggered some combination of civil unrest, mass migration, insurgency or even full-scale war. Protestors in Tehran on Jan. 5. “Water is … Continue reading

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Trump- Niger and Connecting the Dots – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“Barbut, as I reported, reinforced her point by showing me three maps of Africa with dots concentrated in the middle of the continent. Map No. 1: the most vulnerable regions of desertification in 2008. Map No. 2: conflicts and food … Continue reading

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