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The Case Against Google – By CHARLES DUHIGG – NYT

Soon the Raffs began daydreaming about turning their idea into a moneymaker. They didn’t have the funds to compete with huge dating sites like, so they applied for a couple of patents and began brainstorming. They believed that their … Continue reading

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America’s Natural Gas Hurdles – by Agnia Grigas – NYT

These changes would strengthen America’s domestic energy sector, limit calls to curtail America’s L.N.G. exports, reduce the need for imports, and help the country compete with Russia in the global natural gas markets. Policy and infrastructure has not kept pace … Continue reading

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Is the Business World All About Greed? – Nicholas Kristof – NYT

“But the business toolbox is too important to give up on. To me, the most interesting people in Davos aren’t the presidents or celebrities, but the social entrepreneurs — those using business tools to address social problems — and their … Continue reading

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Trump’s Chance to Save American Steel – By SCOTT N. PAUL – NYT

“In April 2016, Donald Trump stood in front of supporters in Pittsburgh and declared he would bring the country’s steel jobs back. On Thursday, he returns to western Pennsylvania as a president yet to deliver on that promise. While America … Continue reading

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Heroin- nazis- and Agent Orange: inside the $66 billion merger of the year | World | Thanh Nien Daily

  From the archive of Thanh Nien Daily, 9/16/2016 From Bloomberg News. “These companies used to sell heroin and Agent Orange. Now, they want to form the world’s largest supplier of seeds and pesticides. EU seen approving weed-killer ingredient glyphosate … Continue reading

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From Amazon- a Change That Hurts Authors – by Douglas Preston – NYT

LAST March, Amazon quietly changed the way it sells books. An obscure and seemingly harmless modification to its website has opened the door for some third-party sellers to deceive Amazon’s customers by selling books as “new” that may not come … Continue reading

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In China’s Hinterlands- Workers Mine Bitcoin for a Digital Fortune – The New York Times

“DALAD BANNER, China — They worked as factory hands, in the coal business and as farmers. Their spirits rose when a coal boom promised to bring factories and jobs to this land of grassy plains in Inner Mongolia. When the … Continue reading

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What’s yours is mine in China but is sharing at a peak? – BBC News

Ok, so car sharing makes perfect sense. And we get bike sharing, too. But ball sharing?At a sports complex in Beijing, Wang Hui En scans a code on a locker with his smartphone.The door clicks open and out pops a … Continue reading

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Self-Driving People- Enabled by Airbnb – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“Roughly a decade ago two new “platform” companies burst out of California. The one that dominated the headlines was called Uber, which created a platform where with one touch of your phone you could summon a cab, direct the driver, … Continue reading

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Google Fined Record $2.7 Billion in E.U. Antitrust Ruling – The New York Times

“Google suffered a major blow on Tuesday after European antitrust officials fined the search giant a record $2.7 billion for unfairly favoring some of its own services over those of rivals. The penalty, of 2.4 billion euros, highlights the aggressive … Continue reading

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