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Oh, Wait. Maybe It Was Collusion. – By JOHN SIPHER and STEVE HALL – former CIA – NYT

It is entirely plausible, for example, that the original Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers was an effort simply to collect intelligence and get an idea of the plans of the Democratic Party and its presidential candidate. … Continue reading

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In Greece- China Finds an Ally Against Human Rights Criticism – The New York Times

“GENEVA — China has long won diplomatic allies in the world’s poor countries by helping them build expensive roads and ports. Now, it appears to have similarly won over a needy country in Europe.At a meeting of the United Nations … Continue reading

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India’s Battered Free Press – The New York Times

“Press freedom in India suffered a fresh blow on Monday when the country’s main investigative agency raided homes and offices connected to the founders of NDTV, India’s oldest television news station. The raids mark an alarming new level of intimidation … Continue reading

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The Genocide of Brazil’s Indians – The New York Times

“SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — On April 30, a group of ranchers armed with rifles and machetes attacked a settlement of about 400 families from the Gamela tribe, in the state of Maranhão, in northeastern Brazil. According to the Indigenous Missionary … Continue reading

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Villagers in Myanmar Describe the Destructive Power of China’s Building Frenzy – by Carol Giacomo – NYT

“I heard this story firsthand from five farmers who traveled hours by boat, foot and motorbike from their even smaller and poorer village, Kapaing Chaung, to talk with me about their experiences when the China National Petroleum Corporation and the … Continue reading

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More of Kremlin’s Opponents Are Ending Up Dead – The New York Times

“MOSCOW — From a certain perspective, certainly the Kremlin’s, Vladimir Kara-Murza’s behavior in Washington could be seen as treasonous, a brazen betrayal of his homeland. In a series of public meetings on Capitol Hill, Mr. Kara-Murza, a leader in the … Continue reading

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Nixon Tried to Spoil Johnson’s Vietnam Peace Talks in ’68- Notes Show – The New York Times

“Richard M. Nixon told an aide that they should find a way to secretly “monkey wrench” peace talks in Vietnam in the waning days of the 1968 campaign for fear that progress toward ending the war would hurt his chances … Continue reading

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Time for Congress to Investigate Mr. Trump’s Ties to Russia – The New York Times

“In history, this is where Congress steps in. During the Vietnam War, Watergate and the Iran-contra scandal, when a president’s actions or policies crossed the line, Congress investigated and held the White House to account. The time has come for … Continue reading

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Israel Bulldozes Democracy – The New York Times

“HAIFA, Israel — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is expected to visit Washington this week to meet with President Trump, presumably to discuss the political philosophy they share: power through hate and fear. A government that bars refugees and … Continue reading

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A Rare Survivor of a Philippine Drug Raid Takes the Police to Court – The New York Times

MANILA — The drug raid ended like so many others in the Philippines, with all the suspects shot by the police.But one of them, Efren Morillo, a 28-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor, did not die.As the only known survivor of … Continue reading

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