Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accelerate Like a ‘Speeding Freight Train’ in 2018 – By Kendra Pierre-Louis – The New York Times

By Kendra Pierre-Louis
Dec. 5, 2018,    770
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Greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are growing at an accelerating pace this year, researchers said Wednesday, putting the world on track to face some of the most severe consequences of global warming sooner than expected.

Scientists described the quickening rate of carbon dioxide emissions in stark terms, comparing it to a “speeding freight train” and laying part of the blame on an unexpected surge in the appetite for oil as people around the world not only buy more cars but also drive them farther than in the past — more than offsetting any gains from the spread of electric vehicles.

“We’ve seen oil use go up five years in a row,” said Rob Jackson, a professor of earth system science at Stanford and an author of one of two studies published Wednesday. “That’s really surprising.”

Worldwide- carbon emissions are expected to increase by 2.7 percent in 2018
, according to the new research, which was published by the Global Carbon Project, a group of 100 scientists from more than 50 academic and research institutions and one of the few organizations to comprehensively examine global emissions numbers. Emissions rose 1.6 percent last year, the researchers said, ending a three-year plateau.

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Yes. Ugly and depressing.  Here are the top three comments which I endorsed:

joel strayer
bonners ferry,ID

I believe no leader of any country wants to be the first to admit that this problem cannot be solved. No one I know is in any way prepared to make the changes required in their lifestyle which will actually reduce their carbon footprint. Considering that agriculture alone produces 25% of our GHGs, and that thawing permafrost is utterly unstoppable and will double the CO2 already in the atmosphere, there is actually nothing we can do. Permafrost thaw cannot be reversed…and in fact is accelerating with multiple positive feedback mechanisms in play. The infrastructure changes required in the transport sector alone will take decades to implement…even if the political will to do so existed, which it doesn’t. And all the while Trump keeps reiterating that he doubts the IPCC report and the government’s climate report, stealthily released the day after Thanksgiving so it would go un-noticed. The deep connection between food production and fossil fuels is also widely misunderstood. Our current population could never have achieved that number without the use of fossil fuels, so it seems highly unlikely those two will be uncoupled anytime soon. Add to this increasing life spans and the insane fact people still want to have kids, and the situation becomes absolutely unsolvable without catastrophic drops in population.

S. Nelson commented December 5

S. Nelson

Why isn’t this and all climate change news at the top of the feed constantly? (and I don’t mean just tertiary news such as wildfires). I remember jokes of pandas who can’t or won’t reproduce to save their species. Seems a bit hypocritical. The magnitude of the problem and the drastic nature of the long-term consequences – even best case scenarios – have me wondering why I must scroll or sign up for a special newsletter. It creates an environment where only those who already know are looking for what’s next. An echo chamber of sorts. The alarms should be sounding, loudly and continuously. A storm is coming, the wind is already rising. It’s strong enough that it’ll destroy our home. Shingles are already peeling up. But we’re busy picking out paint for the trim because the alarms aren’t sounding loudly enough. What good are storm sirens and emergency systems if the aren’t used? What good is media of any sort if, in the face of certain catastrophe, the lead is buried? Do better.

Socrates commented December 5

Downtown Verona. NJ

Birth control Birth control Birth control Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, biomass and alternative energy technologies. Education. And less religious ignorance. There are ways to defuse this ticking demographic environmental time-bomb. Europe is making progress….the US, China and India are the problem children. Perhaps if the Gas Oil Pollution party would take its head out of its rear end and it bank account, they might ‘conserve’ the planet instead of raping it. Nice GOPeople.

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