Opinion | Robert Mueller- You’re Starting to Scare Me – by Frank Bruni – NYT

Imagine for a moment that Robert Mueller was never pressed into service as a special counsel and wasn’t a household name. Imagine that there had never been any prompt for his investigation — that Donald Trump hadn’t blown all those kisses at Vladimir Putin, that the stooges and grifters around Trump hadn’t swooned at the prospect of sucking on Mother Russia’s teat, or that there’d been no offer of milk in the first place.

What would we be focusing on right now?

Maybe the just-published Politico report of Trump’s deliberate, cavalier use of a cellphone that doesn’t have strict security safeguards would be getting extra attention. The story outraged me, because it’s yet another glaring example of Trump’s dual set of rules — proper ones that apply to others and nonexistent ones that let him and his clan do as they please — and it puts the lie to his supposed horror over Hillary Clinton’s sloppy email habits. Not for the first time or for the last, he’s being a raving hypocrite.

Without Mueller and Russia, Scott Pruitt would be closer to center stage, with an even brighter, harsher spotlight on him. He’s not exactly evading scrutiny, but he’s being spared the relentless top-of-the-screen, start-of-the-newscast treatment that he would likely endure if lawmakers, journalists and other watchdogs weren’t so mesmerized by the convoluted twists of Mueller v. Trump.

Perhaps more Americans would notice what Trump is doing to the judiciary, by which I mean stacking it, and to important government agencies, by which I mean gutting them.

via Opinion | Robert Mueller, You’re Starting to Scare Me – The New York Times

Bravo Frank Bruni, even when your bad, your good. Here is my favorite comment of the top ten or so I enjoyed:

milwaukee, wi
Times Pick

Mr. Bruni:

You are a thoughtful man, and your comments merit attention. However, I disagree with them.

Citizens who cannot stand the meticulous work being done by Mr Mueller need to get a grip. His job is larger than the obstruction everyone is fixated on; it would be well to print his mandate on the first page of the NYT at least once a week. That the nation has many other problems to deal with is not his mandate. Congress, the news media, action groups, all need to jump into the fray. The media, in particular, are abdicating their responsibilities in not pursuing these other topics, while instead they jump around like baby goats on caffeine in imitation of the Fox anchors.

I just love  mdgalbraith’ last sentence, “The media, in particular, are abdicating their responsibilities in not pursuing these other topics, while instead they jump around like baby goats on caffeine in imitation of the Fox anchors.:
So Mr. Bruni, well spoken, but your essay needs draft two, where you change the target of your ire from Robert Mueller to the press, for their tendency for cheapness or lazyness. They too easily go for gossip over substance, and they need sometimes to cover better the non-collusion part of Trump’s impact on our government and country, as well as the rest of the world.
I have this issue with the press during every election, where they cover the campaign and poling gossip, and leave off the reporting of policy differences, as if the policy positions of the politicians do not matter.

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