Trump Is Right- This Time- About Iran – by Roger Cohen – NYT

“I have a New Year’s confession: I retweeted President Trump with approval, not something I had expected to do, especially on the subject of Iran. But Trump has been right to get behind the brave Iranian protesters calling for political and economic change.

The tweet in question:

These are the largest popular protests since the Iranian uprising in 2009 against a fraudulent election. I was in an enormous crowd (estimated in the millions) that marched from Tehran’s Enghelab (Revolution) Square to Azadi (Freedom) Square three days after the vote. Fear evaporated in that throng.

I asked a young woman to whom I’d been talking what her name was. “My name is Iran,” she replied. The memory still gives me goose bumps.”

via Trump Is Right, This Time, About Iran – The New York Times

The Roger Cohen piece has some nice moments, but I have to side with his critics, such as the following:

Robert Westwind

Suntree, Florida 6 hours ago

We’re talking about a president who knows nothing about Iran and has no understanding of how his own government works. This is the same guy that saw crowds that didn’t exist at his inauguration event and has recently taken credit for no loss of life on commercial airlines in his first year as president, completely ignoring the fact that the no US air carrier has had a loss of life crash since 2009. Behind this claim, he has not implemented any policy to change air travel safety. HIs tweets and statements about the Russia investigation and how no one in his campaign communicated with Russian operatives ended up with two guilty pleas from those in his campaign orbit and two indictments and the investigation is becoming even deeper than previously expected. The Fusion GPS testimony debunked the claim that the dossier was the impetus for the Russia investigation but the Republican congress doesn’t really want to talk about that. Now Trump tweets the “deep state” is out to get him. His own cabinet appointees. A tweet about Iran is just giving their Mullah’s a reason to claim the US is interfering with their internal politics and the protesters are in bed with the CIA. The US will do nothing to help those protesting in that country. Trump’s tweets are meaningless and are a reflection of his ignorance and flawed view of the world. Nothing more. The guy is an empty suit protected by a complicit Republican congress unwilling to acknowledge his perfidy for their own agenda.



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