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Why I’m Still a NeverTrumper – by Brett Stephens – NYT

Brett Stephens gets an attaboy! “Tax cuts. Deregulation. More for the military; less for the United Nations. The Islamic State crushed in its heartland. Assad hit with cruise missiles. Troops to Afghanistan. Arms for Ukraine. A tougher approach to North … Continue reading

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Opinion by Thomas Friedman | Merry Christmas- Vladimir — Your Friend- Donald

“At the end of this banner stock market year, you can bet that major business publications will be naming their investor of the year. You can stop now. I have the winner, and nobody is even close when it comes … Continue reading

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ALLi Watchdog: Amazon vs Apple by Giacomo Giammatteo on February 5- 2015

A compelling argument for indie authors to distribute their self-published books via Apple iBooks as well as Amazon etc – by ALLi’s Watchdog Giacomo Giammatteo “Amazon Vs Apple Everyone knows that Amazon sells more books than Apple, but it’s becoming … Continue reading

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For Russian ‘Trolls=’ Instagram’s Pictures Can Spread Wider Than Words – The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — The enduring popularity of a provocative post on Instagram, created by a company with connections to the Kremlin, demonstrates why fighting propaganda on social media will be an uphill battle. The photograph in the post, of a … Continue reading

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The Global Economy Is Partying Like It’s 2008 – By DESMOND LACHMAN – NYT

“In late 2008, at a meeting with academics at the London School of Economics, Queen Elizabeth II asked why no one seemed to have anticipated the world’s worst financial crisis in the postwar period. The so-called Great Recession, which had … Continue reading

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Can Whale Snot and Artificial Intelligence Save Our Oceans? (Paid Post by Intel From The New York Times)

Whales are awesome. We have to do what ever it takes to prevent their dying out. There are great pictures and videos and an interesting story in this Intel post. “The crew members of the Glacier Seal squint lightly as … Continue reading

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Rwanda Accuses France of Complicity in 1994 Genocide – The New York Times

“KIGALI, Rwanda — The Rwandan government released an independent report on Wednesday accusing French officials of complicity in the 1994 genocide, risking further strains to already icy relations between the two countries. The report, commissioned by the Rwandan government and … Continue reading

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Why You Need the Flu Shot Every Year – The New York Times

“This is because the virus changes, usually rendering the previous year’s vaccine partly or totally useless. And it’s no secret that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness falls well short of what scientists and public health officials would like to see. Yes, … Continue reading

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‘Fake News’- Trump’s Obsession- Is Now a Cudgel for Strongmen – The New York Times

“BRUSSELS — President Trump routinely invokes the phrase “fake news” as a rhetorical tool to undermine opponents, rally his political base and try to discredit a mainstream American media that is aggressively investigating his presidency. But he isn’t the only … Continue reading

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Trump- Israel and the Art of the Giveaway – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

  I’m contemplating writing a book on the first year of President Trump’s foreign policy, and I already know the name: “The Art of the Giveaway.” In nearly 30 years of covering United States foreign policy, I’ve never seen a … Continue reading

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