A Trump Travel Ban We’ve Seen Before – The New York Times

“The central question to ask about President Trump’s latest travel ban, which he issued on Sunday, is: Will it make Americans safer?The answer, as best as anyone can tell based on publicly available information, is no.Starting Oct. 18, the United States will permanently bar entry to most citizens of seven countries — Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea. Certain citizens from Iraq and Venezuela will face restrictions and heightened scrutiny.

Mr. Trump justified these restrictions — which target countries that either failed or refused to meet new vetting standards — by saying he was acting “to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people.” Americans should be skeptical. While it may appear more modulated, Sunday’s proclamation is a direct descendant of a central plank of Mr. Trump’s campaign — his call for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States, which he made in 2015, and which remained on his campaign website as late as May.”


Yes, and here is a comment I really liked.


Guilderland, NY 4 hours ago

If the goal of not allowing people from certain countries from entering the US is to lower the risk to as close to zero as possible, I ask why we are spending so much time on changing existing policy when almost all of the terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11 have been committed by American citizens and not by recent immigrants or visitors to the US. If it’s risk you want to avoid, why are people allowed to obtain guns here when hundreds of times more people are killed by guns in the US by US citizens than all terrorist activity combined? Why is that far greater risk acceptable? Why no concern whatsoever when individuals shoot up a church or place of business or commit suicide or kill their spouse/ girlfriend, or people praying in a church? Why does that violence not trigger a desire to ban activity to lower the risk to as near zero as possible? Why not address the effort to maximum benefit? In the words of Dylan, ” How many deaths does it take til you know that too many people have died?”

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