North Korea’s Threat Pushes Japan to Reassess Its Might and Rights – by Motoko Rich – NYT

“TOKYO — When North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan on Friday morning, prompting the authorities to broadcast an alert on cellphones and television, many people wondered: Why didn’t the Japanese military shoot it down?The government quickly judged that the missile was not targeting Japan, and it landed in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,370 miles east of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island.But officials in Japan who may have considered intercepting the missile faced two immediate constraints — the country’s missile defenses are limited, and the Constitution limits military action only to instances of self-defense.

Those same constraints have weighed heavily on the debate in recent weeks over how Japan should be responding to the North’s rapidly advancing nuclear program, including what role it should play as an American ally and to what extent it should upgrade its armed forces.Though Japan provided rear support for the United States during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, its alliance with America has never been tested as it would be in a conflict with North Korea.”

Excellent article. Here is a comment I enjoyed and endorse, because it acknowledges that we should look to the giant China to take care of their little neighbor North Korea.


La Jolla, CA 2 hours ago

“There are times to be a pacifist and times to take action. Note Albert Einstein’s change of heart as he watched the rise of Hitler. Perhaps the biggest mistake in history was allowing the Germans (Nazis) to rearm. However, this was complicated by the fact that a lot of war materiel production was done in secret underground, BUT NOT THE WARSHIPS!

As an old Vietnam War protestor, there is only one solution to this North Korean problem. The little Hitler/Stalin will not be giving up his nuclear capabilities or ambitions. Anyone who thinks so is remarkably naive.

The USA cannot do this preemptively because Seoul will get hammered with hardened artillery (and short range missiles). Therefore, only China can behead the regime. This should be straightforward. Amass about 200,000 troops on the border between China and NK. Tell NK, in particular the general staff, that they can either turn over the little punk to them and cooperate or they too will be removed. They will quickly turn on the punk. He will either have to go into exile (China can offer that to him) or the generals will have to kill him. China takes over NK. And, the whole thing can be done with an offer for the US to remove troops from SK. This is the only solution. Sanctions will not work against a megalomaniac like the little Hitler/Stalin. This just isn’t the same as Iran. He just won’t give up those nukes.”

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