Theresa May’s Weak and Wobbly Outfit – Roger Cohen – NYT

“An inept campaign saw May promising “strong and stable” government so often it became a joke. Britain, on the eve of a momentous negotiation that will define the lives of the youth who never wanted “Brexit,” now has the opposite: weak and wobbly government. This will mean that May has to compromise more; hence a softer departure from the Union, if there’s enough political coherence even for that. Those who cling, as I do, to the faint hope that Brexit will collapse under the weight of its folly have been given a fillip; this is not over.May has been repudiated for her arrogance, but above all for her utter vacuity. Almost single-handedly she revived the Labour Party of the leftist Jeremy Corbyn, who at least appeared to believe in something.”


Good piece. I think Brexit was a mistake, based on fake news, and should be put to a second vote.  Here are some good comments:


The Hague 5 hours ago

Meanwhile, the mood on the continent has shifted to disinterest. Continental media have begun discussing closer integration instead.

All eyes are on Emmanuel Macron and his newly won parliamentary majority. If he can reform the French economy, he will have the political capital he needs to persuade the Germans to federalize the Eurozone. This would be huge both for those nations currently in the Eurozone and those on the outside like Poland.

Europeans are also coming to terms with the necessity to coordinate military spending and planning. The EU (minus the UK) is currently the 3rd largest military spender in the world after the US and China but because of poor cooperation, the EU’s collective defense capacity adds up to less than the sum of it parts. This needs to change.

The British seem to think the entire continent is holding its breath waiting for them to make up their minds, but the truth is that Europe is moving on. Because it has to.


Liverpool, UK 6 hours ago

52% of the two third who actually voted is not the kind of thumping majority most countries’ constitutions require for a change of this magnitude. Even if the campaign was truthful and balanced, which it most certainly wasn’t. The article put it perfectly “informed by lies, fueled by jingoism, and spearheaded by charlatans”.
And UKIP was never a swing bloc – they were the former extreme right of the Tories, with no policy beyond “taking back sovereignty” that we had never lost, and who blamed the deterioration in public services on immigrants instead of the Tories and the hugely damaging 7 years of austerity they inflicted on our public services. Talked up by a seriously right wing press owned and run by billionaire tax exiles. Now they are irrelevant.
Last week’s result was democracy in action – although many older people, like me, voted Labour, it was the young who saw through the constant propaganda of the Daily Mail and the Murdoch papers and made a real difference, registering and voting in huge numbers to try and get rid of a government that has saddled them with massive debts, a precarious job market and an over-priced housing market. And taken away from them the opportunities and rights we have all taken for granted for the last forty years. Nothing to do with elites.

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