A Case for Jeremy Corbyn – by Roger Cohen – NYT

For a long time I could not bring myself to write about the British election. Trump-coddling, self-important, flip-flopping Theresa May, ensconced at 10 Downing Street without ever being elected prime minister, was going to sweep to her hard-Brexit victory and take the country down her little England rabbit hole.There were more important things to think about, like the end of the American century in 2017, one hundred years after the Bolshevik Revolution. A boorish clown named Donald Trump brought down the curtain.”

Bravo. Magnificent. And I thought the trains in England were still nationalized.

Here are the two top comments, to help celebrate this forceful op-ed.


is a trusted commenter Paris 22 hours ago

“Still, Corbyn would not do May’s shameful Trump-love thing.” And that, in the eyes of the British electorate, is a big thumbs up for Mr. Corbyn! Trump is toxic waste pretty much anywhere. It’s got to such a point that soon I’d expect, if the Russians could vote in a free election, they’d vote out Putin because he’s too close to Trump.

Larry Eisenberg

is a trusted commenter Medford, Ma. 22 hours ago

I hope the Brits put Corbyn in,
A pro-Trumpist May is a sin,
An anti-Trump Britain
In these times is fittin’
T’would give Trump a kick in the shin.

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