Trump’s Incredible Shrinking America – by Charles Blow – NYT

“Last month in Europe, Trump was as boorish and belligerent as it was possible to be, lashing out at our NATO allies about their defense spending just after having been gracious and magnanimous to leaders in the Middle East.Then last week Trump thumbed his nose at the world and the planet by announcing that he would pull America out of the Paris climate accord, even though a Yale survey found the agreement was popular and a majority of Americans in every state — including those that Trump won — wanted the United States to stay in the agreement.

But even beyond whether or not it was popular, staying in was right. More than 190 countries — most of the countries on the planet — are signatories to the agreement. We have one planet. It is in trouble. The world must band together to save it. How does it look for the world’s last remaining superpower to simply walk away?”

Excellent essay by Charles Blow. Here is one of many good comments, all quite depressing:

Jan Laidlaw Australia

8 hours ago

As an Australian, I wake up every morning thinking ‘What will Trump have done overnight?’ The answer every day is ‘Something that degrades America’s status world wide’.

The man appears to have never had any training in Manners 101 – how to get on with people. Watching him galumphing around on the world stage with world leaders such as Germany’s Merkel and France’s Macron, and lots of others, his performance can only be described as totally uncouth, cringe worthy, not only for his lack of understanding of basic politeness, but also, and more importantly, his total lack of understanding of world issues. American issues, any issues.

I’m obviously not an American, but I cannot think of a single step that Trump has taken so far, in such a short time frame, that has not been an absolute disaster for America and its place in the world.

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