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Professor Gibson’s “Making Words Work: A Guide to Grammar and Usage”

Hello. Welcome to Professor Malcolm Gibson’s Wonderful World of Words — a.k.a. “Making Words Work” — the world of writing, editing, grammar and usage as it is preached and practiced by Malcolm Gibson, a former newspaper editor professing journalism at … Continue reading

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 Said: “Said” is the best word of attribution most of the time.  That’s because it has no connotations.  All other words of attribution carry some additional, usually editorial, meaning. They are appropriate only if that additional meaning is proper and … Continue reading

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He Said, She Said: Stephen King’s Advice on Dialogue Tags |

“I think we all agree that dialogue tags are necessary for readers to know who’s talking. But writers are divided in how we use them: Some, including Raymond Carver, simply use “he said,…” Source: He Said, She Said: Stephen King’s … Continue reading

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On a Par 5 in Dubai- Good Humor and a Respite From All Things Trump – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“So a Hindu, a Muslim and a Jew are playing golf together in Dubai …Sounds like the first line of a joke, right? Actually, it’s the first line of one of those serendipitous stories that often happen when you play … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Trade Policy Is in Disarray – The New York Times

“Those tax cuts might increase growth somewhat, but history and many experts tell us it is far more likely that the tax cuts would explode the deficit and drive up interest rates as the federal government is forced to increase … Continue reading

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As Rising Seas Erode Shorelines Tasmania Shows What Can Be Lost – The New York Times

Originally posted on InconvenientNews.Net:
“Over the long term, the rise of the sea appears to be accelerating because of runaway growth in greenhouse emissions, and scientists fear much bigger effects this century, perhaps so large they could ultimately force…

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The North Korea-Trump Nightmare – Nicholas Kristof -NYT

“……………..North Korea will never, ever give up its nuclear weapons,” says Jieun Baek, author of a fascinating recent book, “North Korea’s Hidden Revolution.” Sanctions will squeeze the regime, she says, but not deter it. Instead, she urges greater measures to … Continue reading

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Simple Rules for Healthy Eating – by Aaron Carroll – NYT

“1. Get as much of your nutrition as possible from a variety of completely unprocessed foods. These include fruits and vegetables. But they also include meat, fish, poultry and eggs that haven’t been processed. In other words, when buying food … Continue reading

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The Quiet Power of Humility – by Peter Wehner – NYT

“What Steve meant by this, I think, is that the world is unfathomably complex. To believe we have mastered it in all respects — that our angle of vision on matters like politics, philosophy and theology is just right all … Continue reading

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How to Password Protect Documents and PDFs with Microsoft Office

“Microsoft Office lets you encrypt your Office documents and PDF files, allowing no one to even view the file unless they have the password. Modern versions of Office use secure encryption that you can rely on–assuming you set a strong password.” … Continue reading

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