A Settler’s View of Israel’s Future – The New York Times

“HEBRON, West Bank — Last week, Israel’s Parliament passed a controversial bill that allows the government to retroactively authorize contested West Bank Jewish communities by compensating previous Palestinian land claimants. Opposition parties warn that this law could open Israel to prosecution at The Hague, and the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said, “Israel’s Parliament has just approved a law to legalize theft of Palestinian land.”

This theme has been echoed recently at the Paris peace conference, in a United Nations Security Council resolution and by a major policy speech by then Secretary of State John Kerry, which all condemned settlements.”

Here is the other side. I like the following critical comment:

S. C.

Midwesr 3 hours ago

“Wow, it’s so simple. The Palestinians actually have no right to the land they’ve thought was theirs for generations, because Jews always had a claim on it. We don’t have to discuss whether there is any competition between the claims.

And we can achieve a satisfactory solution by democratic means — although that “democracy” will not include freedom of religion, because only those who acknowledge the primacy of the Jewish character of the state will be considered to have full rights. And we don’t have to mention the strongly anti-democratic turn Israel has already taken. That proponents of the plans Mr. Fleisher mentions have made virulently racist statements is somehow ignorable in evaluating what their real effects are likely to be.

No. There really is a problem. The settlers’ view is fundamentally based on a grossly distorted, one-sided view of history, and a fundamentally dishonest representation that the kind of state they will envision will be democratic. They know full well that their conception of the future will not involve full rights for the Palestinians, and they are trying to avoid criticism over this. In fact, John Kerry was completely correct.”


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