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C.I.A. Chief Warns Donald Trump Against Tearing Up Iran Nuclear Deal – The New York Times

“LONDON — The director of the C.I.A. has issued a stark warning to President-elect Donald J. Trump: Tearing up the Iran nuclear deal would be “the height of folly” and “disastrous.” During the election campaign, Mr. Trump railed against the … Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between Copyediting and Line Editing?

“…By contrast, the goal of a copyedit is to address flaws on a very technical level – to make sure the writing that appears on the page is in accordance with industry standards. This is like an incredibly high-end proofread. … Continue reading

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China Takes a Chain Saw to a Center of Tibetan Buddhism – By Edward Wong – The New York Times

“LARUNG GAR, China — Atop a hill, a growling chain saw drowned out loudspeakers broadcasting a lama’s chants from a nearby temple.The chain saw, wielded by workers demolishing a row of homes, signaled the imminent end of thousands of hand-built … Continue reading

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For Bashar al-Assad, Winning the Syrian War May Lead to New Troubles – The New York Times

  “BEIRUT, Lebanon — With the Syrian government making large territorial gains in Aleppo on Monday, routing rebel fighters and sending thousands of people fleeing for their lives, President Bashar al-Assad is starting to look as if he may survive … Continue reading

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A Trade War Against China Might Be a Fight Trump Couldn’t Win – The New York Times

“Who gains from a trade war with China?  At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting in Peru over the weekend, one of the biggest questions was whether Donald J. Trump, as the next president, would stick to his threat … Continue reading

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Across China- Walmart Faces Labor Unrest as Authorities Stand Aside – The New York Times

“SHENZHEN, China — In a one-man war room in his apartment, a laid-off Walmart employee named Wang Shishu was tapping out a message on his phone to a group of workers and plotting his next move. Over the past few … Continue reading

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Smog Chokes Delhi, Leaving Residents ‘Cowering by Our Air Purifiers’ – The New York Times

“NEW DELHI — For days, many in Delhi have been living as if under siege, trying to keep the dirty air away from their children and older parents.But it is not easy: Open a window or a door, and the … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Vietgone,’ a Refugee Tale With Laughs and Rap – The New York Times

“For positive proof that in certain realms of theater, we have moved firmly beyond political correctness, see “Vietgone,” a raucous comedy by Qui Nguyen that strafes just about every subject it tackles and every character it presents. Sure, sometimes it … Continue reading

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How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body – The New York Times

Editors’ note: We’re resurfacing this 2012 magazine article for Smarter Living so you can feel a little less guilty about skipping that yoga class. “On a cold Saturday in early 2009, Glenn Black, a yoga teacher of nearly four decades, … Continue reading

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