Jimmy Carter: A First Step for Syria? Stop the Killing – The New York Times


“The announcement this month of a new cease-fire agreement in Syria is good news. But a lack of trust among the Syrian belligerents and their foreign supporters means this agreement, like the one that came before it, is vulnerable to collapse.It is already showing severe signs of strain.

Over the weekend, the United States accidentally bombed Syrian government troops. On Monday, the Syrian military declared it would no longer respect the deal, resumed airstrikes on Aleppo, and even a humanitarian aid convoy was bombed.Still, there is reason for hope. If Russia and the United States were willing to come far enough in their negotiations to reach this deal, these setbacks can be overcome. The targeting of the humanitarian convoy, a war crime, should serve as an added impetus for the United States and Russia to recommit to the cease-fire. The two parties were well aware of the difficulties as they spent a month negotiating the cease-fire’s terms.

The agreement can be salvaged if all sides unite, for now, around a simple and undeniably important goal: Stop the killing. It may be more likely than it sounds.Reliable sources estimate the number of Syrians killed to date at almost half a million, with some two million more people wounded. Well over half of the country’s 22 million prewar population has been displaced. These shocking numbers alone should convince all concerned that war itself is the greatest violation of human rights and the ultimate enemy of Syria.”

Source: Jimmy Carter: A First Step for Syria? Stop the Killing – The New YorkTimes

I love and admire Jimmy Carter. He continues to be great. But I’d like to see the US and its real friends take out the Syrian air force, and bomb it to zero or ground it, and then push for Carter’s peace. It is time for the US to show its friends and allies that we can punish our enemies to protect our allies.
John Kerry has asked for some punitive strikes, to get the attention of our deadly enemies in the region. Taking out the Syrian air force, would get some respect. Right now the Syrian government doesn’t need peace, we are letting them win the war, by destroying and killing their Sunni populations.

About David Lindsay Jr

David Lindsay is the author of "The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth- Century Vietnam," that covers a bloody civil war from 1770 to 1802. Find more about it at TheTaySonRebellion.com, also known as, DavidLindsayJr.com. David Lindsay is currently writing about Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction., as well as singing and performing a "folk concert" on Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction. He can be reached at daljr37(at)gmail.com.
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