Bono: Time to Think Bigger About the Refugee Crisis – The New York Times

“I’VE recently returned from the Middle East and East Africa, where I visited a number of refugee camps — car parks of humanity. I went as an activist and as a European. Because Europeans have come to realize — quite painfully in the past year or two — that the mass exodus from collapsed countries like Syria is not just a Middle Eastern or African problem, it’s a European problem. It’s an American one, too. It affects us all.My countryman Peter Sutherland, a senior United Nations official for international migration, has made clear that we’re living through the worst crisis of forced displacement since World War II. In 2010, some 10,000 people worldwide fled their homes every day, on average. Which sounds like a lot — until you consider that four years later, that number had quadrupled. And when people are driven out of their homes by violence, poverty and instability, they take themselves and their despair elsewhere. And “elsewhere” can be anywhere.”

“Actually, some people are thinking bigger. I keep hearing calls from a real gathering of forces — Africans and Europeans, army generals and World Bank and International Monetary Fund officials — to emulate that most genius of American ideas, the Marshall Plan. That plan delivered trade and development in service of security — in places where institutions were broken and hope had been lost. Well, hope is not lost in the Middle East and North Africa, not yet, not even where it’s held together by string. But hope is getting impatient. We should be, too.”

Source: Bono: Time to Think Bigger About the Refugee Crisis – The New York Times

Beautifully written. Bono reports that European leaders are discussing a Marshall Plan for their refugee. Crisis. I remember, the US paid for the last Marshall plan, and he is clearly referring to one led by Europe.

I wrote in comments at the NYT: It would be wonderful to help solve these serious refugee problems. Help without strict population controls will not be in the interest of the US or the planet. We have gone from 2 Billion to 7 Billion human beings in about 100 years. Our climate is going into deeper water, moving towards catastrophe, while we face an accelerating record of dying species including now, roughly half the coral reefs of the Pacific. We humans are destroying the planet, and need to get back to 4 billion, a number some scientists have suggested. The Marshal plan must include human population decline as part of the deal.

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