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Apple Services Shut Down in China in Startling About-Face – The New York Times

Apple may have won its battle against the US government, but in its refusal to help crack its own encryption to fight terrorists in California, it probably just lost any future in China, at least in the next five decades. … Continue reading

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Sending the Wrong Signal to Turkey – The New York Times

“The choice Angela Merkel had when Turkey’s imperious president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, demanded that Germany prosecute a comedian was a variation on the dilemma posed by a kidnapper: Paying the ransom solves the immediate problem but sets a dangerous precedent.Chancellor … Continue reading

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What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea – The New York Times

“Several reefs have been destroyed outright to serve as a foundation for the new islands, and the process also causes extensive damage to the surrounding marine ecosystem. Frank Muller-Karger, professor of biological oceanography at the University of South Florida, said … Continue reading

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Bono: Time to Think Bigger About the Refugee Crisis – The New York Times

“I’VE recently returned from the Middle East and East Africa, where I visited a number of refugee camps — car parks of humanity. I went as an activist and as a European. Because Europeans have come to realize — quite … Continue reading

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Chinese Scions’ Song: My Daddy’s Rich and My Lamborghini’s Good-Looking – The New York Times

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Andy Guo, an 18-year-old Chinese immigrant, loves driving his red Lamborghini Huracán. He does not love having to share the car with his twin brother, Anky.“There’s a lot of conflict,” Mr. Guo said, as a crowd … Continue reading

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Why the Russian Economy Is Tumbling – The New York Times

By JASMINE C. LEE APRIL 12, 2016Low oil prices and international sanctions have crippled Russia’s economy. The country has been operating at a deficit since 2012, and its Reserve Fund is slated to run out by 2017. Last week, the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Trial Balloons Are Catching Up With Him – The New York Times

“WASHINGTON — Two weeks ago, Donald J. Trump said he could live with a nuclear-armed Japan and South Korea if it meant they could defend themselves against North Korea without American aid. “I’m not sure that would be a bad … Continue reading

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Tensions Rise in the South China Sea – The New York Times

“Asian countries are increasingly pushing back against China’s sweeping territorial claims and bullying tactics in the South China Sea. On Sunday, a Japanese submarine made a port call in the Philippines for the first time in 15 years, a sign … Continue reading

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Facebook Groups Act as Weapons Bazaars for Militias – The New York Times

“A terrorist hoping to buy an antiaircraft weapon in recent years needed to look no further than Facebook, which has been hosting sprawling online arms bazaars, offering weapons ranging from handguns and grenades to heavy machine guns and guided missiles.The … Continue reading

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Impossible Missions, by Tom Friedman – The New York Times

“I just read a book that Barack Obama and Donald Trump would both enjoy.It argues that the last two decades of U.S. foreign policy were an aberration — an era when America became so overwhelmingly more powerful than any rival … Continue reading

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