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A Better, Not Bigger, Military Budget – The New York Times

“Given recent history, the next president can expect to face an even more unpredictable world than the one President Obama is dealing with. Russia, China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Islamic State — the list of security challenges is daunting. … Continue reading

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A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’ – The Libya Gamble – Part Two, The New York Times

“It was a grisly start to the new era for Libya, broadcast around the world. The dictator was dragged from the sewer pipe where he was hiding, tossed around by frenzied rebel soldiers, beaten bloody and sodomized with a bayonet. … Continue reading

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The Libya Gamble-Part One, Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall – The New York Times

The Libya Gamble, Part One and Part Two, takes several hours to read. Magnificent reporting by SCOTT SHANE and JO BECKER. By the end of Part Two, you have learned that the Lead from Behind strategy in Libya was championed … Continue reading

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Obama’s Implicit Foreign Policy – by Roger Cohen, The New York Times

“WASHINGTON — This is the speech President Obama did not make on his foreign policy (with thanks to Stephen Heintz, a shrewd observer of America’s role in the world):My fellow Americans:I have based my foreign policy on some tough realities … Continue reading

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Slave Labor on the High Seas – The New York Times

“Shocking revelations about the international fishing industry’s reliance on slave labor have caused many people to question the origin of the shrimp or tuna they eat. The disclosures have also led the United States to take some important new steps … Continue reading

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Palau vs. the Poachers The island nation has mounted an aggressive response to illegal fishing in their waters. How they protect themselves may help the rest of the world save all of the oceans.|By Ian Urbina

“The oceans belong to everyone and no one, and the general perception is that they are too big to need protection. We also tend to think of fish as an ever-regenerating crop, there forever for our taking. But roughly 90 … Continue reading

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Will Merkel Pay for Doing the Right Thing? – The New York Times

“I spoke to a couple of young refugees from Aleppo, Mahmoud Sultan and Mulham (he preferred not to give his family name out of concern for his family’s safety). They complained about the food, about the noise, about the difficulty … Continue reading

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A Chance to Halt the Brutality in Syria – The New York Times

“After five months of suffering and destruction under unrelenting attacks by Russian aircraft, the Syrian people have at last received some good news: an agreement announced early Friday morning in Munich between the United States and Russia to deliver desperately … Continue reading

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The Many Mideast Solutions – By Tom Friedman, The New York Times

  Tom Friedman, doesn’t say what he is for, but he infers an enormous respect for Barack Obama’s caution and reticence in diving into a quagmire that is getting worse, not better. “Meanwhile, a no-state Syria — a Syria that … Continue reading

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America’s Syrian Shame – by Roger Cohen, The New York Times

Putin’s policy is hard to distinguish from Obama’s. America’s capitulation is complete, with appalling results. Source: America’s Syrian Shame – The New York Times   I find the comments critical of Roger Cohen’s analysis more convincing than the comments of … Continue reading

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