Germany, Refugee Nation – The New York Times

“There’s a new can-do nation. It’s called Germany. The United States, fear-ridden, has passed the torch.From Our AdvertisersThroughout the extraordinary process that has seen roughly one million refugees arrive in Germany this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel has had a consistent refrain: “Wir schaffen das” — “We can do this.” The gesture in question is the most extraordinary redemptive act by any European nation in many years.Germans on the whole have understood. They have understood that to flee Syria through Islamic State checkpoints, place your family in flimsy boats on stormy waters and trudge across Europe in search of a home is not a desperate decision. It is a reasonable decision if the alternative is to see your children blown up by a barrel bomb or your daughter raped by a jihadist. Postwar Germans are reasonable people.Roger CohenInternational affairs and diplomacy. The Assassination in Israel That Worked Trump’s Weimar America The Evil That Cannot Be Left Unanswered Terror From Europe’s Future Street Young Lives InterruptedSee More »The United States would have had to admit about 4 million refugees this year to take in a similar proportion of its population. It has fallen more than 3.9 million short of that mark.”

Source: Germany, Refugee Nation – The New York Times

When I get beat in tennis, I say to my worthy opponent, thank you for the tennis lesson.Thank you Roger Cohen, for an extraordinary piece of writing.  I predicted a month ago that the Germans would turn on Angela Merkel for her leadership and generosity and Christian behavior. I hope that you are right that the majority of Germans will stay by this bold leadership. I agree with you that the fear-mongering of our Republican leaders is base, and embarrassing.
Your points are well expressed and argued. But what about the waves of refugees coming year after year. Some of us just learned that Iran is running out of water. The world just grew in 70 years from 2 to 7 billion, and greenhouse gas emissions have risen in the exact same curve, or graph, a backwards L. __| .  When sea level rises 1 or 2 meters, how many refugees will there be?
And last, Paul Krugman has written that the Germans have been too hard on Greece. Please expand on your piece, and explain how she opened Germany’s coffers too them, contrary to what others have written.

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