Hillary and Benghazi The House Benghazi committee’s inappropriate approach is outdone only by the Stop Hillary PAC and its ghoulish commercial. nytimes.com|By Gail Collins

Protect us from the zombies. Great piece by Gail Collins.

The House Benghazi committee’s inappropriate approach is outdone only by the Stop Hillary PAC and its ghoulish commercial.
nytimes.com|By Gail Collins
David Lindsay
David Lindsay My favorite comment so far from the NYT Comments: Socrates Verona, N.J. 9 hours ago

And then there’s Ronald Reagan’s 1983 Beirut Benghazi for comparison:

On October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber drove a truckload of explosives through a lightly fortified plywood fence, past two marine guards with no bullets in their rifles at the Beirut marine barracks, and killed 241 sleeping American soldiers.

It was the deadliest day for the Marine Corps since Iwo Jima.

Ignoring earlier protests by Congressional Democrats and his own Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger, President Reagan had sent the marines to protect Beirut’s airport during the Lebanon civil war.

Citing the earlier April 1983 US embassy bombing in Beirut, where 63 people died including 17 Americans, Weinberger and Congressional Democrats had argued that Reagan’s plans for deploying additional marines to Beirut would make the American soldiers “sitting ducks.”

The day after the Beirut ‘Benghazi’, House Speaker Tip O’Neill told Congressional Democrats that “it was their duty, now, not to criticize but to support their President and to do nothing to undermine him no matter what the political advantage.”

O’Neill told them that it was time for “patriotism over partisanship.”

Reagan’s own Defense Department investigation blamed the White House for the tragedy and the Democratic House held a short non-partisan hearing and recommended improved security.

Today’s GOP ‘Benghazi’ investigation is nothing less than the Republican National Convention.

Party First: Country Last: GOP 2015

Nice people.

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