Iran Deal Players’ Report Cards – Tom Friedman, The New York Times

“The Iran nuclear deal is now sealed — from Washington’s end. But since this has been one of America’s most important foreign policy shifts in the last four decades, it’s worth looking back and grading the performance of the key players.Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Grade: A.”

Source: Iran Deal Players’ Report Cards – The New York Times

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1 Response to Iran Deal Players’ Report Cards – Tom Friedman, The New York Times

  1. From the Comments at the NYT: JABarry Maryland 7 hours ago

    A couple comments:

    First, “Dick has a problem telling the truth, and he’s not alone.” — An emphatic YES. Republicans distort, mislead, misquote, make up and straight out LIE. We are used to politicians of both parties bending the truth, but beware of everything a Republican says. Republicans depend on you not fact checking their claims.

    Second, “Netanyahu: Grade C”. Really? Netanyahu has tarnished Israel’s future with his obnoxious, shortsighted antics. He deserves nothing more than a grade of F. Note to Netanyahu’s parents: Bibi will be held back and you should seek professional counseling to help him learn how to control his temper.

    Third, “President Obama. Grade: I (Incomplete).” President Obama successfully negotiated (with other world leaders) a diplomatic path to peace. For his vision and success in achieving a U.S. approval of the deal in the face of Republican envy and opposition, President Obama gets a grade of A+. Note to Friedman: President Obama cannot be held responsible for what Iran chooses of the opportunity it has been given. It may choose to join civilized nations or choose to join North Korea. The choice is theirs and if anyone should receive and “Incomplete” it is Khamenei, who must now accept a path to peace or doom Iran to isolation and possibly destruction.


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