David Brooks: The Robert E. Lee Problem

I wish my father could weigh in on this. David Brooks has written an excellent and fair piece here, and I second his recommendations. I would not destroy great sculptures of General Robert E Lee. I would work to make sure there was some place where such works of art could be viewed, such as in a museum garden, not in front of a State Capitol.

The debate over flying the Confederate flag prompts another question over Southern heritage: Should we honor the Confederate general?
nytimes.com|By David Brooks

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David Lindsay is the author of "The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth- Century Vietnam," that covers a bloody civil war from 1770 to 1802. Find more about it at TheTaySonRebellion.com, also known as, DavidLindsayJr.com. David Lindsay is currently writing about Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction., as well as singing and performing a "folk concert" on Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction. He can be reached at daljr37(at)gmail.com.
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