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Saint Nicholas Kristof, ‘He’s Jesus Christ’, IN THE NUBA MOUNTAINS, Sudan

“IN THE NUBA MOUNTAINS, Sudan — IF you subscribe to the caricature of devout religious believers as mostly sanctimonious hypocrites, the kind who rake in cash and care about human life only when it is unborn, come visit the doctor … Continue reading

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How Television Won the Internet – The New York Times

“RUPERT MURDOCH recently appointed his son James chief executive of 21st Century Fox, prompting the obvious question: How can a guy whose main credential is a silver spoon compete with Silicon Valley’s meritocratic coders and entrepreneurs? I suggested that disconnect … Continue reading

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Krugman at NYT. in “Greece Over the Brink,” says they should jump out of the Common Market.

Catherine Lindsay left Greece the other day, and the banks immediately closed in a national emergency. Watch out for this young lady. Paul Krugman argues for Greece to pull out of the common market and give up the Euro. He … Continue reading

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David Brooks: The Robert E. Lee Problem

I wish my father could weigh in on this. David Brooks has written an excellent and fair piece here, and I second his recommendations. I would not destroy great sculptures of General Robert E Lee. I would work to make … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman: Hooray for Obamacare

Hooray for Obamacare The reality of Obamacare is that it’s a tremendous success, which was conservatives’ big fear.|By Paul Krugman

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Who was behind the Nato involvement in The War in Bosnia, 1992–1995

“MILESTONES: 1993–2000 The War in Bosnia, 1992–1995 In 1991 and 1992, Yugoslavia disintegrated under the pressures of ethnic conflict, economic issues, and the demagoguery of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. The secessions of Slovenia and Croatia triggered warfare in both new … Continue reading

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Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact – The New York Times

“WASHINGTON — The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to end debate on legislation granting President Obama enhanced negotiating powers to complete a major Pacific trade accord, virtually assuring final passage Wednesday of Mr. Obama’s top legislative priority in his final years … Continue reading

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As South Sudan Crisis Worsens, ‘There Is No More Country’ – The New York Times

MALAKAL, South Sudan — In places where the fighting is fiercest, no one is even attempting to count the dead. Nearly half the population of the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, is in danger of going hungry. New atrocities are … Continue reading

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Brian Williams Scandal Shows Power of Social Media – The New York Times

The soldiers who prompted Brian Williams’s fall from one of the most powerful jobs in the media had first tried to blow the whistle on him in 2003. But that was before the Internet became ubiquitous. And so, like most … Continue reading

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Tristan McConnell, New Republic: There is a horrible civil war between Sudan and the rebels in the Nuba Mountains, with atrocities by the Sudanese Army against the civilian population

I was enjoying my first Sunday after Europe with a copy of the Sunday edition of the NY Times. An article by Nicholas Kristof on the civil war between Sudan and the Nuba Mountain rebels made little sense, until I … Continue reading

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