Barack Obama has been consistently excellent in foreign policy. The deal with Iran has great potential.

Barack Obama is great president. He has been consistently excellent in foreign policy. This new deal with Iran, might be great improvement for both countries. I have viewed the videos, they are inspiring. Here is the most recommended comment after the interview.
dave nelson
CA Yesterday      “Ask yourself which of the GOP candidates can make such a coherent -thoughtful and eloquent statement about their foreign policy!

Which ones can speak beyond platitudes and populist rhetoric on issues of importance.

Obama is a great and vastly under-appreciated president by an electorate that cannot discern between those unqualified demagogues pandering to their emotions to attain office and those with the intellect and depth of character and experience and wisdom to work in their best interests and common well being.”
931 recommended

In a video interview with Thomas L. Friedman, President Obama discussed the calculations that informed the Iran nuclear framework and what they say about his overall approach to foreign policy.|By Thomas L. Friedman

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