Bill and Melinda should read Dan Brown’s Inferno. Overpopulation is the main disease.

I’m reading Dan Brown’s Inferno for the second time. Bill and Melinda should read it. Brown dares to bring up the idea that overpopulation is the main disease, and all the other problems are symptoms. It is true that the world took 2 to 5 million years to get to one billion people. Then it took only 100 years to get to two billion. In the next 100 years we went to four billion. In this next 100 years, we will go to eight billion. If we can’t stop our out of control reproduction, we need the plagues that Bill Gates wants in this op-ed to make war on, to save us from Dante’s nine rings of hell, right here on earth. Throughout the history of China, cannibalism became normal during times of excessive famine or drought. As Colin Turnbull reported in his book on the Ik’s of Africa, when food and water get scarce, social norms disintegrate. The graph of world population looks either  like ______/   or this    _____| .     !

Here is the article by Bill Gates in the NYT.
We need a global warning and response system for infectious disease outbreaks.|By Bill Gates

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David Lindsay is the author of "The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth- Century Vietnam," that covers a bloody civil war from 1770 to 1802. Find more about it at, also known as, David Lindsay is currently writing about Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction., as well as singing and performing a "folk concert" on Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction. He can be reached at daljr37(at)
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