Frank Bruni illuminates “Benjamin Netanyahu, John Boehner and America’s Evangelicals”

A good friend of mine recently said she would like to know a right wing Republican writer or two, to understand the other side better. Here you go. I don’t understand this story, but I learned a lot from it, and the comments after it.

The Republican support for Israel on display last week is largely faith-based.|By Frank Bruni

David Lindsay My favorite NYT Comment:
Verona, N.J. 12 hours ago
“Some evangelical Christians’ interest in Israel reflects an interpretation of the Bible’s prophetic passages that maintain that the End of Days can play out as God intends only if Jews govern Israel and have reconstructed a temple on the Temple Mount”

The United States is founded upon the principle of the separation of church, synagogue, mosque and temple from state.

That separation has allowed it to blossom into a secular state where thought, reason, fairness and freedom of thought and expression are the building blocks of the nation.

And the accompanying “belief, rooted in scripture, that God always intended Israel for Jews and that honoring that and keeping Israel safe is a way of honoring God” conflates religion with reason, which unerringly leads straight down the road to ruin to religious apocalypse.

Israel is a special place – the only thriving democracy in the Middle East and a great tribute to the Jewish people and their resourcefulness – but it was established as a haven after genocide and it has served that purpose very well.

While Israel is technically a ‘religious state’, it also is a democratic state best served by reason and thought … not by religion or divine inspiration or ‘God’.

The invocation and conflation of ‘God’ into Israel’s and America’s affairs is nothing less than a recipe for holy war.

Republican pandering to Christian religiosity, delusion and supernatural hallucination is a blatant abrogation of the Constitution and the nation’s ideals.


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