Kosovo is reeling from over-population! (and lack of investment?)

Having a new pen pal in Bosnia, pushed me to look up Kosovo on a map, and read the entire article below. Kosovo is between northern Albania and Macedonia, under Serbia. It sounds like another — this time very small — country reeling from over-population and under investment. “Adding to this brew of troubles is the economy. In a region plagued by aging demographics, it is Europe’s youngest territory, with 27 the average age of its two million citizens. Kosovo would need an impossible 7 percent annual economic growth to offer work to the 25,000 to 30,000 youths the government says finish school each year. ”
The population has quadrupled since 1923, from 500,000 to about 2 Million.
400% / 92 years is and annual growth rate of 4.35. Or is it only a 300% increase, and 3.26% growth rate?

Population of Kosovo (1921-2015).png


A disastrous economy, static politics and a newly created opening in the border with Serbia have enticed tens of thousands of Kosovars to leave their troubled land.
nytimes.com|By ALISON SMALE

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