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China plans to damn all the great rivers of Tibet. Neighbors cry.

Important piece by Michael Buckley, NYT. The U.S. should study these issues from the perspective of China’s neighbors downstream. The most popular comment to date: Michael Zhanjiang, PRC      “The water wars of the 21st century are just beginning … Continue reading

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Roger Cohen in NYT: Make a deal with Iran, expect civil war for a generation.

Roger Cohen: “America cannot stop the Sunni-Shia schism in the Middle East that its invasion of Iraq exacerbated. It cannot rebuild the Sykes-Picot order, or the borders that went with it. It cannot reverse its failure to prevent the worst … Continue reading

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On the success of farming fish in Vietnam, Roger Cohen, NYT

My favorite comment regarding the piece below on the success of farming fish in Vietnam. Numerous commenters insult the Vietnames health standards, and low wages as dangerous to us. Wilson1ny New York Yesterday Um – just to chime in: The … Continue reading

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Do we really need more military spending than we have?

I don’t agree with raising the Pentagon’s budget.It is already the size of the next 17 largest militaries in the world according to one report. Republican Budget Games How to pay for the nation’s defense spending could lead to another … Continue reading

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Iran: the enemy of our enemy is our friend

If you are following this topic, I recommend you read Tom Friedman first. Then one of the many excellent comments, one of which is here: Mark Thomason NYT trusted commenter Clawson, MI “Not enough attention is being paid to the … Continue reading

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Amanda Knox: Auguries of Innocence | One observer’s view of the Amanda Knox case

The following piece is by an anonymous blogger who goes at WordPress by Lenroot, and signs his bio:  LM. I found this, when I asked the other god Google, what are the arguments for the innocence of Amanda Knox.   -David … Continue reading

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Is the New York Times keeping Palestinian Hopes Alive?

Here is a surprisingly weak New York Times editorial, followed by many clear, articulate and outraged comments. It is time to stop handing 3 billion dollars a year to the government of Israel, if that is the actual number. Other … Continue reading

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Growth of ISIS makes Edward Snowdon look not so heroic.

NYT reports that in Yemen, the Houthis, allied to ISIS, take over much of Saga Province, including the capital Sana. “….after the disclosures by Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, officials say it has become much harder … Continue reading

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Eco tourism comes to Vu Linh, Vietnam

Eco tourism, or Ecologically focused tourism, is coming. Necessity is mother of invention. Going Local in Vietnam’s Villages The owner of a lodge in an ethnic-minority area says it is meant to blend tourism, ecologically minded agriculture and employee education. … Continue reading

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Bill and Melinda should read Dan Brown’s Inferno. Overpopulation is the main disease.

I’m reading Dan Brown’s Inferno for the second time. Bill and Melinda should read it. Brown dares to bring up the idea that overpopulation is the main disease, and all the other problems are symptoms. It is true that the … Continue reading

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