Tom Friedman offers laundry list to clean up ISIS. It’s expensive.

This is frustrating. Tom Friedman ends his op-ed with: “So, to defeat ISIS and not see another emerge, you need to: wipe out its leadership; enlist Muslims to discredit the very real, popular, extremist versions of Islam coming out of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan; stem the injustice, corruption, sectarianism and state failure now rampant in the Arab world and Pakistan; and carve out for Iraqi Sunnis their own autonomous region of Iraq and a share of its oil wealth, just like the Kurds have. I know: sounds impossible. But this problem is very deep. This is the only route to a more moderate Arab Islam — as well as to fewer young men and women looking for dignity in all the wrong places.”

The murderous ways of the Islamic State are no joke, but the Italians’ mocking of ISIS is rather appropriate.|By Thomas L. Friedman

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  1. As a big Joe Biden fan, I appreciated this comment from the NYT comments:

    Greenville,sc 13 hours ago

    Let’s give some credit where credit is due. Joe Biden in 2008 ran strongly every day on his plan to create three independent entities in Iraq, Sunni, Shia and Kurd. Democracy requires tolerance, trust and the ability to accept another factions governance. He correctly thought, especially given the past, that Iraquis would not easily conform to that behavior. In retrospect he was right. Assuming the Biden plan had been implemented, there still would have been a necessary oil sharing plan, and that would have required supervision had one ever been agreed upon.

    Our nation was swept up in the notion of WMD and the hope that a toe hold democratic nation in the middle east would change the future of that part of the world. What we did, did change the course of the middle east, but not in the way the Bush administration ever imagined. If it were not for it all being an even worse problem for the world, I would be hand wringing and sobbing at the lost lives, destroyed limbs and lost treasure. The middle east must lead the way with ISIS, not us.

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