Should there be a carbon offset market for trees?

“The pace of deforestation is so great today that it accounts for an estimated 12 to 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions annually.”

Tropical forests could be protected by selling their carbon reserves as offsets to greenhouse gas emitters.|By Don Melnick, Mary Pearl and James Warfield
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  • David Lindsay There are many critical comments to the rosy idea above after the column in the NYT. For example:
    Michael Goldstein
    Oakland, CA 9 hours ago
    I have to believe that most people behind this initiative are well intentioned. However, it is both a manifestation, and a dangerous promotion, of the illusion that barely restrained corporate capitalism and sustainability are somehow compatible. If we and other species are to survive, the rain forests must be protected — period. And if we and other species are to survive, most of the remaining fossil material we think of as fuel must stay in the ground — period. It is not either/or. The idea that coal and oil companies and the industries that rely on energy from the burning of their products can continue to pollute as long as they also pay something for saving some of the rain forests is so plausible to the uninformed, and yet so daft, that for people who have studied the situation to promote it amounts to criminal negligence. Please rethink this and come back from the Dark Side.


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1 Response to Should there be a carbon offset market for trees?

  1. In spite of the good reservations, the Carbon offset for trees ideas makes sense to me, because we need to transition from a carbon fuel economy, to a sustainable fuel economy, as quickly as we can. We need to make war on green house gas emissions, and try thousands of ways to get to where we need to go. We desperately need a carbon tax, and other externality taxes.


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