Romero writes in NYT, Pardon Bush and Those Who Tortured. Unfortunately, it works.

I think this piece by Anthony Romero is brilliant. Prosecuting these possible criminals, George W Bush and his inner circle, would be a huge distraction from other more important issues such as climate change, population control, the drug wars, and economic malaise.
The pardon hits two big birds with one stone. It makes official the condemnation of these cruel acts as unAmerican. It also makes them clearly illegal, going forward.
The few episodes of 24 that I watched, made clear that it appears that torture can make sense in a time sensitve drama where hundreds or thousands of lives are at stake. One has to balance this narrative with the fact that researchers report that torture hardly ever works, most people will spill the truth more readily without torture than with it.

It’s the last hope of accountability for abuses in the war on terror.|By Anthony D. Romero

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David Lindsay is the author of "The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth- Century Vietnam," that covers a bloody civil war from 1770 to 1802. Find more about it at, also known as, David Lindsay is currently writing about Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction., as well as singing and performing a "folk concert" on Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction. He can be reached at daljr37(at)
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